Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Gun Safety Training I Don’t Want A Concealed Carry Permit

Sure, we have safety training in our Pueblo, Colorado classroom or we can schedule a time to do it on site with you, your family or friends

How do I get a Concealed Carry Permit in Pueblo Colorado

Take my class and I will teach you everything you need to get your permit. After my class you will go the the Sheriff and apply for the permit. The process is easy.

How long does it take to get a concealed carry permit?

Colorado Law says it must be issued within 90 days or show cause. Most people get them in 6-8 weeks

How do i know if I will pass the concealed carry class

I work with people so that they will pass. I give you the gun training material in a logical way that anyone can understand it

I have no experience with a gun can I take your class

Yes….you actually have an advantage over people who have handled guns all their lives. Most long time gun owners have become complacent and are not as safe as they could be

In Colorado can I carry a loaded gun in my car?

Yes…Colorado statutes say that you may have a loaded revolver or pistol in your vehicle no permit required. You are not however allowed to have a loaded long gun (rifle or shotgun) in your vehicle. Loaded in Colorado means chambered.

I do not have a gun, but would like to get some training

Do not worry about having a gun. Some of my students want to learn more about it so that they can choose the proper gun for them and their situation. I will have guns available for class

Are Colorado citizens required to register their firearms?

NO. In fact, state law prohibits firearms registration by local or state government (the federal Brady Act is another matter, though that’s not “claimed” to be registration).

Is it legal for a private citizen to sell a firearm to another private citizen?

YES, as of July of 2013 all firearm transfers in Colorado must have a background check