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The Range is Open

The range is open! Of course, there are going to be some restrictions. I suggest that we wait a few days and let the dust settle on members that are in a hurry to get in the door and shoot. The range sent an email to all members yesterday and announced the rules. Only 5 lanes will be available and you are going to need a mask. I am thinking that some of you might be willing to shoot early in the morning or later at night. This will help eliminate some of the waiting and commotion. Contact me by email or feel free to call me and we can discuss it. I have a full list of rules and guidelines for anyone wishing to view them. Just email me rick@hgwtc.com for the list or for any questions. If you like you can call me 719-821-3958.

Concealed Carry Permits

I called the Pueblo County Sheriffs Office this morning and the recording states that they are taking new applications for concealed carry and they are also issuing immediate permits under the emergency permit process. This is a good deal for you because you get your permit immediately. If you have questions or concerns about this contact me and we can talk about it.
They are still taking permit renewals by mail. Call the appointment number and listen to the directions carefully. You are allowed to renew 120 days before your expiration 719-583-4941.

This Safe is on Sale

MicroVault® MV550-19

Whether at home or on the go, the GunVault MV550-19 MicroVault® provides secure storage for any lifestyle. The redesigned MV550-19 includes the Illuminated No-Eyes® keypad and enhanced security features where they are needed most: a reinforced steel lip and full perimeter interior anti-pry tabs prevent prying and bounce open attacks while the steel security cable allows for the safe to be secured while on the go. The foam-padded interior accommodates a full-sized handgun and room for an extra magazine. The manual backup key features a dimpled design for enhanced pick resistance. MV550-19: offering superior protection for what matters most, at home or on the go.
  • Illuminated No-Eyes® keypad allows users to open the safe quickly even in the darkest of places.
  • Reinforced steel lip and anti-pry tabs resist prying and bounce-open attacks.
  • Backup key features a secure, dimpled design.
  • Foam padded interior.
  • 5 year Warranty.
  • Attention: For maximum efficiency, GunVault recommends using an all alkaline battery (Duracell or Energizer) with an expiration date of 5 years in the future for all products.
  • Black
  • Exterior Dimensions (HxWxD): 2.54" x 11.25" x 8.88"
  • Interior Dimensions (HxWxD): 2.12" x 10.92" x 6.64"
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs
  • CA DOJ Approved: This is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued there under
  • Backup Override Key: Yes
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Battery Usage: 1-9V
  • Mounting Option: Yes
  • Security Cable Included: Yes
  • Soft Foam Interior: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 Year

My supplier has some of these that I can get for you at $100. This is a great price for this quality safe. Many of you have purchased a new gun and now need a place to store it. Let me know if you are interested

OC Pepper Spray 600

LOSD Books and OC/Pepper Spray

I have Andrew Branca's Law of Self Defense books coming in this week as well as several cases of OC/Pepper Spray. As a Certified OC/Pepper Spray Instructor, I have spent a lot of time to find a product that is great for my students. It is powerful, It's stealthy, and it is not expensive. Let me know if you need some for friends or family
Ammo Shortage
After you have been through a couple of these cycles you will learn some things about politics and ammo. 1st, every time you see some ammo you should pick up a box or two. You will shoot it eventually or in a crisis like this one you will have ammo to practice with or ammo to trade for things like food and water. Ammo is always going to be an important commodity. 2nd, I think the prices are very high for what is available. I think the price will come back down eventually and availability will increase. Remember we usually go through this when we have a Presidential Election (hint hint). We have also been hit with 10 days of riots around the country. This puts pressure on the supply of ammo all over the country. Don't pay those high prices you are seeing on the web. All you are doing is helping people take advantage of you and all the rest of us. The price will come down and you will be able to purchase ammo again at a reasonable price. I may have some ammo for new shooters depending on what is needed.

Student Download Page

In class, we talk about the resources of the password-protected downloads page that I have provided my students. I have been working on a new look and new resources for the page. I have been trying to make the information more accessible with categories and organization so it is easier to find what you are looking for. This information is available to my students and not the general public. Great information is available on the legal aspects of concealed carry, training issues, as well as some new information on self-protection coverage and more.

Pepper Spray Training

OC/Pepper Spray is legal everywhere in Colorado. It is one of the best ways we have to defend property in this state. It also serves as a complement defensive tool for anyone that carries a handgun for self-defense. Remember if all you carry is a gun the legal system can say that you intend to use a gun as a solution for everything. Statistics indicate that most self-defense encounters would not qualify for use of a gun (your life is not in danger). I have developed a booklet for the use of OC/Pepper Spray. Feel free to read it and discuss it with your family. Contact me direct for the best OC/Pepper Spray at wholesale prices.
OC/Pepper Spray Booklet

Retake Concealed Carry Level 1 Class

Maybe you need a refresher on the material presented in the level 1 class. Maybe your just a little rusty and need the proper information so you can be confident about what you can and can't do with your handgun. Discounted for Level 1 students and for anyone who has a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Get up to date information on Colorado rules and regulations and use of force, along with some fundamentals that everyone needs.

Draw and Presentation From The Holster

Each Level 1 graduate of my class is entitled to 2 hours of drawing from the holster training for $25. This is an important skill for your safety and for the safety of others, and to be able to protect yourself and your family if necessary. Our industry only certifies 1 in a hundred instructors to teach draw from the holster. Take advantage of this training and make sure you leave the range with the same number of holes in your body as you were born with. This training is valuable and safe. Remember our indoor range has rules about (drawing from the holster section IV paragraph P) for only $25 you can learn what you need to be successful and safe Sign Up Today

Permit Renewal Reminder

People are still calling me to get their permit back after failing to renew. Remember there are no renewal notices sent to you for your Concealed Handgun Permit Renewal. You can add your renewal information to my database and I will notify you 120 days early so you don't forget. You will have to pay $152 instead of $63 if your permit does not get renewed within the time period allowed by law. SIGN UP FOR RENEWAL REMINDER HERE!!!!.
Join The NRA

NRA Membership

NRA membership is something that every gun owner needs to do. Our 2nd Amendment rights are being assaulted every day. The NRA needs your money with the elections coming soon. As an official NRA recruiter, I am offering a reduced rate for one year's membership. We all need each other to be members of this organization. We can not fight the big boys on laws and legislation by ourselves.
Join The NRA
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USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association)

Become a member of the fastest-growing Concealed Carry organization in the world. The USCCA was founded to give Concealed Carry education and legal protection for those who carry a handgun for self-protection in or outside of their home. Your membership includes access to great educational material, a magazine subscription that is not available on the newsstand, and of course legal protection should you ever need to defend your actions in a court of law. Join today and give yourself some peace of mind in knowing that someone has your back. I am a member of this great organization and you should consider it also. Carrying a firearm for self-defense puts us all at risk from loss of life, freedom, and of course our finances. Let the USCCA help you with some of those risks
. JOIN Today
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