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Concealed Carry Training-Important Skills

Concealed Carry Training is a must if you want to be able to defend yourself and your family. Let's face it most people who carry a concealed firearm for self-defense are not skilled with the tools of the trade. Many are in denial. They think they will be good enough when they need to use their gun in self-defense. Many people I see have had a permit for more than 5 years many of them going on 10 and most of them have not kept up with their concealed carry training or never learned the skills necessary to survive in their first and only concealed carry training class.

The Most Important Concealed Carry Skills

The First Skill of concealed carry is to know and practice the 4 rules of gun safety. These are not suggestions they are the bible when it comes to gun handling. Live by these rules. Watch that muzzle direction when handling your firearm. Keep all body parts away from the muzzle. Too many people are putting their hands in front of the muzzle. Know these rules forward and backward. Know them by their numbers. If I talk about rule number 3 you ought to know what that is. Come on people there are only 2 keywords for every safety rule. It is not rocket science!
The Second Skill of concealed carry training is to learn your gun. I see many students who do not know their guns. Many don't know how to work the safety if they have one and lots of the students cant properly load and unload their firearm without violating several safety rules (remember there are 4 safety rules). Many people choose the wrong gun. It doesn't fit their hand (too small too big). The fact is people think the first criteria of a concealed handgun is it has to be small.

Small Guns-the Good and The Bad!

Small guns are hard to shoot and are not as accurate. Many times come in calibers that are either expensive to shoot or are not good at stopping a threat. Other guns have too many complex controls (single action only gun (1911) or a Traditional Semi-Auto that have a hammer and a decocker. These guns are great for some people, but for many its, either an accident waiting to happen or they just don't have the skills to operate the gun efficiently or safely. Do yourself a favor and train with a point and shoot type gun that doesn't have a hammer or a safety.
The Third Skill of concealed carry is to be able to put meaningful shots on a humanoid target in a short amount of time at the distances required. For starters, many people just think that going to the range and plinking is practice. It isn't. You need to time yourself and you have to get accurate shots at meaningful distances on the target where they will count. I have many easy practice routines that you can run and your skill level will increase substantially.

The Importance of Skill #4 is Often Overlooked

The Fourth Skill is your draw and presentation of the gun. You need to be able to draw from your normal concealed carry position and put a couple of shots center mass at 3-5 and 7 yards in less than 2 seconds. Many current events in the news have shown us that the people who lost their lives in these self-defense events did not have these skills. There are many more Concealed Carry Training skills but these 4 are primary. By Primary I mean this is where you have to start. If you can't do it with your current equipment (holster, the position you carry your gun on your body, or the type of gun you carry) then now is the time to change.

Remember I can help you get through this maze and make you a better gun handler.
See this months drill below.....its a good place to start!

Stop The Bleed

Through a FREE national Stop the Bleed course, you will gain the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene effectively. The person close to a bleeding victim may be the one who’s most likely to save him or her. Take the 1 hour course and become empowered to make a life or death difference when a bleeding emergency occurs. Learn tourniquet and wound packing techniques to save a life. If you are interested in attending a FREE stop the bleed course in March let me know.

Just put StopThe Bleed in the message area of the form. I will contact you with upcoming details
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Certified Instructor for USCCA

I am now teaching much of the USCCA curriculum in many of my classes. There are some big advantages to the material they use for their classes. The use of force section with scenarios and explanations is excellent. See the information below about joining the fastest-growing segment of our industry.

Student Download Page

In class, we talk about the resources of the password-protected downloads page that I have provided my students. I have been working on a new look and new resources for the page. I have been trying to make the information more accessible with categories and organization so it is easier to find what you are looking for. This information is available to my students and not the general public. Great information is available on the legal aspects of concealed carry, training issues, as well as some new information on self-protection coverage and more.

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Gift Certificates

Contact me directly for custom gift certificates and certificates for other than the standard concealed carry class. Many people purchase shooting lesson for their friends as a way to get them started in the shooting sports and self-protection

Questionnaire and Survey

Several days ago I emailed everyone that I was building a list of interested people for specific information on topics that may not be of interest to everyone. Like mass casualty incidents and such.

I have decided to compile a list so that I can send important information to some people who want and need particular types of information. It may be because of their job or an affiliation with a particular group or organization.

Some of these groups may be but are not limited to:
Church Security Teams
School Security personnel or volunteers
Bank employees, Hospital employees or any organization where you are on a response a team.

What has prompted this move is the fact that many of my subscribers are not interested in the information many of these groups would like to see.
Some of this information may include first aid or other procedural information for mass casualty type events that I have sent to me but do not post because I feel many of my followers are not interested in this information. This does not mean that you will not receive my normal information. It just means that from time to time there may be information that I do not pass along because I feel that many of my subscribers may not care or even read it. Let me know if you would like to receive this information and as it comes available I will forward it to you.
You may forward this to members of your team who you feel may be interested in this information.
KRT Target

This Months Drill from KR Training

3 YDS (9ft)

One way to use this drill in training is to adjust the par times. If you can't shoot 100 points using a 3 second par time, try a 3.5 second or 4 second par time, and work on accuracy until you can shoot 100 points. Then decrease the par time and work on speed. If you can shoot it clean using 3 second par times, try it with 2.75, 2.5, 2.25 or even 2.0-second pars. If you find yourself dropping points on one particular string, work on that (dry and live fire) until that string is mastered.
Each shoot worth 10 points/10 shots total each sequence done within 3 seconds
Hands at sides, gun concealed.
Step left, draw and fire 3 body shots, 2 handed.
(after) Holster, step right
Firing hand on gun, support hand on chest.
Draw and fire 2 head shots, 2 handed.
Hands at sides, gun concealed.
Step right, draw and fire 3 body shots, 2 handed.
(after) Holster, step left.
Take one step forward (2 yards), firing hand on gun, support hand on chest.
Draw and fire 2 body shots, firing hand only, while backing up.
Downloadable Target
Be careful this drill may not be allowed at the range you use. Modify accordingly to be safe and play by the rules.

Pepper Spray Training

OC/Pepper Spray is legal everywhere in Colorado. It is one of the best ways we have to defend property in this state. It also serves as a complement defensive tool for anyone that carries a handgun for self-defense. Remember if all you carry is a gun the legal system can say that you intend to use a gun as a solution for everything. Statistics indicate that most self-defense encounters would not qualify for use of a gun (your life is not in danger). I have developed a booklet for the use of OC/Pepper Spray. Feel free to read it and discuss it with your family. Contact me direct for the best OC/Pepper Spray at wholesale prices.
OC/Pepper Spray Booklet

Retake Concealed Carry Level 1 Class

Maybe you need a refresher on the material presented in the level 1 class. Maybe your just a little rusty and need the proper information so you can be confident about what you can and can't do with your handgun. Discounted for Level 1 students and for anyone who has a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Get up to date information on Colorado rules and regulations and use of force, along with some fundamentals that everyone needs.

Draw and Presentation From The Holster

Each Level 1 graduate of my class is entitled to 2 hours of drawing from the holster training for $25. This is an important skill for your safety and for the safety of others, and to be able to protect yourself and your family if necessary. Our industry only certifies 1 in a hundred instructors to teach draw from the holster. Take advantage of this training and make sure you leave the range with the same number of holes in your body as you were born with. This training is valuable and safe. Remember our indoor range has rules about (drawing from the holster section IV paragraph P) for only $25 you can learn what you need to be successful and safe Sign Up Today

Shooting at the Range

Heading into the winter months, remember that some events that happen at the range take priority. So be sure to check the events at Pueblo Municipal Shooters. When you park in the lot remember not to leave anything of value visible in your vehicle. Especially guns and gun cases. Also, be sure you are only firing guns that are authorized by the range rules. If you have any questions be sure to ask me about your firearms. In addition, always wear a hat for protection from flying brass and this time of year be sure to wear some warm clothes. The range can be cold at times.

Permit Renewal Reminder

People are still calling me to get their permit back after failing to renew. Remember there are no renewal notices sent to you for your Concealed Handgun Permit Renewal. You can add your renewal information to my database and I will notify you 120 days early so you don't forget. You will have to pay $152 instead of $63 if your permit does not get renewed within the time period allowed by law. SIGN UP FOR RENEWAL REMINDER HERE!!!!.
Join The NRA

NRA Membership

NRA membership is something that every gun owner needs to do. Our 2nd Amendment rights are being assaulted every day. The NRA needs your money with the elections coming soon. As an official NRA recruiter, I am offering a reduced rate for one year's membership. We all need each other to be members of this organization. We can not fight the big boys on laws and legislation by ourselves.
Join The NRA
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USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association)

Become a member of the fastest-growing Concealed Carry organization in the world. The USCCA was founded to give Concealed Carry education and legal protection for those who carry a handgun for self-protection in or outside of their home. Your membership includes access to great educational material, a magazine subscription that is not available on the newsstand, and of course legal protection should you ever need to defend your actions in a court of law. Join today and give yourself some peace of mind in knowing that someone has your back. I am a member of this great organization and you should consider it also. Carrying a firearm for self-defense puts us all at risk from loss of life, freedom, and of course our finances. Let the USCCA help you with some of those risks
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