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What's in This Months Issue:

Approaching The New Year
Use of Force and Colorado Law
Guns In Cars
Free Gun Cleaning Class Nov 24th and 25th
OC/Pepper Spray Training
Conserve Your Ammo Training Drill

Approaching The New Year

Ammunition- Ammunition may continue to be hard to get for some time. I have heard some people say they have purchased 1000 rounds of 9mm for $400+ plus dollars. This is still high but I realize if we are going to continue our proficiency we may have to buckle. I have some insight as to where you can snag some ammo from time to time. You will have to contact me as I will not publish it in the newsletter

Guns- Guns are hit and miss. I have had some success with some of the stores and if you email me we can chat about it. I'm not going to publish any business names in my newsletter. Today I was told that on Saturday It was a 4 day wait for background checks. One of my students told me that where he was there were a lot of guns and lots of people.

Practice Sessions- I think you can keep somewhat proficient by dry firing. I have some good routines that you can use. Then when you go to the range you can shoot a half box of ammo and check your progress. If you have a .22 now would be the time to supplement your shooting with that (If you have ammo).

Use of Force and Colorado Law

Many of you have asked for a class that does an update on Colorado Law and Use of Force. Some of you have not had an update in 10 years or longer and that is way to long to go without some new information. There have been some changes in those 10 years and this 2.5-3 hour class will get you on the right track. Times and dates for this reasonably priced class can be set around your busy schedule.

firearms theft

Guns In Cars

Remember to lock your guns in your car safe when you leave your gun in your car. We are seeing a lot of guns stolen from cars in our area. People are leaving guns in autos and are losing those guns to thieves. We have handguns with us much of the day and sometimes that means having to leave it in the car when we go to a non-permissive place. The most popular places to keep your guns according to the police reports we have seen are Under the Seat - The Glove Box- and The Center Console. These locations in your car are not safe. I have safes available that are inexpensive and easy to use with most guns. These safes simply attach to the frame of the seat and in less than 2 minutes they are installed and in use. In addition these safes are TSA approved to fly with. Let me know if I can help you keep your firearm secure.

Free Gun Cleaning Class FGCC Nov 24th and 25th

You should all understand that there are many ways to clean your handgun and they are probably all better than not doing it at all. I am teaching the way I have always done it. The idea is to get all the leftover grunge from the firing cycle out of your gun and to lubricate it so that it runs properly and does not malfunction on you when you need it the most. Many of the modern handguns that we own could probably be fired literally hundreds of times with no cleaning and probably never hiccup even once.
But do we want to take that chance? I personally do not like to carry a fired gun for self-defense. Do I clean my guns after every firing? No many times I don't, but if I fire my everyday carry (EDC) handgun then I always try to clean it right away. Cleaning a gun is like many things in the firearm industry there are a million ways to do it. There is not just one correct way. Find a way that is easy for you and maintain your firearm so that it will work when you need it the most.
Do not go out and buy a cleaning kit......You will want to see what I recommend you get, and I will have some inexpensive cleaning items for sale during these events. November 24th and 25th, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm in my classroom. If these dates do not work for you let me know what does and I will try to arrange something different.

OC/Pepper Spray Training

Last month we tried to have a class but with the pandemic, the election and unrest the manufacturers could not supply us with the inert canisters we needed for class. We do not spray the real stuff in class only a water substitute so now we have some and we can proceed. I will be contacting those that wanted to attend last month and see what we can do.

OC/Pepper Spray is legal everywhere in Colorado. It is one of the best ways we have to defend property and ourselves in non-deadly force situations. It also serves as a complement defensive tool for anyone that carries a handgun for self-defense. Remember if all you carry is a gun the legal system can say that you intend to use a gun as a solution for everything. Statistics indicate that most self-defense encounters would not qualify for use of a gun (your life is not in danger). Contact me direct for the best OC/Pepper Spray at wholesale prices.

Let me know if you would like to have this training. A few people missed it last month due to scheduling conflicts we will hold it in the evenings to make it work for your schedule
Class fee is $45

Conserve Your Ammo Training Drill

Many of you are not shooting because of the ammo shortage. Either you don't have any or your saving what you have. You can conserve ammo by getting a little creative. A practice session does not mean shooting hundreds of rounds. The last time we had one of the no ammo periods I would shoot 20 rounds at various distances and then shoot my .22 cal pistol after that. Here is an easy drill that doesn't take to much ammo.

You can download this free printable B8 target here
Then take the number of rounds you wish to practice with and separate them into 4 groups. Let's say you want to shoot 20 rounds. So you will shoot 5 rounds at each 3 yards (9'), 5 Yards (15'),7 yards (21'), and 10 yards (30'). All rounds should be in the black. Shoot each distance and repair the target with masking tape, or put up new targets at each distance. Another variation would be to not go to the next distance until you can keep them all in the black. There are many variations like timing yourself or drawing from the holster. Remember at the City Park Shooting Range you can only draw from a strong side holster. Contact me if you have any issues or concerns about this.
I use this measuring device to set my target distance at the range (see picture below)

Watch this 10 round warm-up drill that Mas Ayoob and Ken Hackathorn put together for Youtube
laser measure

Student Download Page

In class, we talk about the resources of the password-protected downloads page that I have provided my students. I have been working on a new look and new resources for the page. I have been trying to make the information more accessible with categories and organization so it is easier to find what you are looking for. This information is available to my students and not the general public. Great information is available on the legal aspects of concealed carry, training issues, as well as some new information on self-protection coverage and more.

Permit Renewal Reminder

People are still calling me to get their permit back after failing to renew. Remember there are no renewal notices sent to you for your Concealed Handgun Permit Renewal. You can add your renewal information to my database and I will notify you 120 days early so you don't forget. You will have to pay $152 instead of $63 if your permit does not get renewed within the time period allowed by law. SIGN UP FOR RENEWAL REMINDER HERE!!!!.

Retake Concealed Carry Level 1 Class

Maybe you need a refresher on the material presented in the level 1 class. Maybe your just a little rusty and need the proper information so you can be confident about what you can and can't do with your handgun. Discounted for Level 1 students and for anyone who has a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Get up to date information on Colorado rules and regulations and use of force, along with some fundamentals that everyone needs.

Draw and Presentation From The Holster

Each Level 1 graduate of my class is entitled to 2 hours of drawing from the holster training for $25. This is an important skill for your safety and for the safety of others, and to be able to protect yourself and your family if necessary. Our industry only certifies 1 in a hundred instructors to teach draw from the holster. Take advantage of this training and make sure you leave the range with the same number of holes in your body as you were born with. This training is valuable and safe. Remember our indoor range has rules about (drawing from the holster section IV paragraph P) for only $25 you can learn what you need to be successful and safe Sign Up Today
Join The NRA

NRA Membership

NRA membership is something that every gun owner needs to do. Our 2nd Amendment rights are being assaulted every day. The NRA needs your money with the elections coming soon. As an official NRA recruiter, I am offering a reduced rate for one year's membership. We all need each other to be members of this organization. We can not fight the big boys on laws and legislation by ourselves.
Join The NRA
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USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association)

Become a member of the fastest-growing Concealed Carry organization in the world. The USCCA was founded to give Concealed Carry education and legal protection for those who carry a handgun for self-protection in or outside of their home. Your membership includes access to great educational material, a magazine subscription that is not available on the newsstand, and of course legal protection should you ever need to defend your actions in a court of law. Join today and give yourself some peace of mind in knowing that someone has your back. I am a member and Certified Instructor of this great organization and you should consider it also. Carrying a firearm for self-defense puts us all at risk from loss of life, freedom, and of course our finances. Let the USCCA help you with some of those risks
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