Gun Safety Pueblo Colorado

Gun Safety Pueblo Colorado

One of the things about gun safety that makes most instructors cringe is to watch people show a semi-auto gun, or to show you it is unloaded. They usually rack the slide on a semi-auto pistol without taking the magazine out and then point the muzzle in a direction that is totally unsafe or even at themselves while wrestling with the slide lock. It’s unloaded anyway, RIGHT!!! WRONG WRONG WRONG. Gun Safety means the gun is always loaded until verified. The easiest way to do this procedure is to drop the magazine, turn sideways pointing the gun in a safe direction. Hold the gun sideways close to your chest and push one way with your shooting hand and the other way with your support hand holding the slide behind the ejection port, the thumb of your shooting hand needs to have some pressure up on the slide lock and when you have reached the right position the slide will lock. This procedure also works great  if you are in the shooting booth at the range. I see people all the time stand facing the target and rack their slide from left to right pointing it at the person in the next booth. All you have to do to be safe is to turn your body sideways point the gun down range and rack the slide accordingly.

Gun Safety is everyone’s responsibility

If you see someone do it wrong help them to do it right. Gun Safety is something that gets passed between many people and it can be contagious.


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