Gun Training-Level of Awareness


  • White-Unaware of Surroundings
  • Yellow-Conscious and Tactical Awareness of your Surroundings
  • Orange-You are in a Potential Tactical Situation
  • Red-Fight or Flight

Many people walk around in level white- singularly focused on the task at hand or even texting or talking on a cell phone. You know these people you see them every time you go somewhere.  This can be one of the worst levels- you are not really paying attention to your surroundings.

Yellow,on the other hand, is you are aware of your surroundings, walking to your car or walking up to your house you are paying attention to who is around and what may be happening nearby. This mode will put you into a better position to react if your threat level changes to orange or even red.

Orange is you perceive things that may add up to a confrontation or attack.  Someone is approaching you maybe at a high rate of speed while reaching into their coat pockets. Maybe you are standing in line a the local drug store and you can see something is about to happen.

Red is no time think, react immediately depending on the threat you may have to draw your gun and seek cover. Training is the key to all these situations. Survival is the mode you want to be in. Maybe all you have to do is walk the other direction. Most times you will have options. Remember your only obligation is to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Avoiding a bad situation may be your best solution. Thinking about these things in advance gives you an edge on your assailant.  Remember if you choose concealment or cover these can degrade over time you need to move to a safer area as soon as possible.


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