Great Gun Training Class at American Legion Post 2,Pueblo Colorado

We had a great class yesterday at the American Legion Post 2 in pueblo Colorado. Everyone learned a great deal about pistol safety and how to handle a firearm. The certificate they earned will allow them to proceed with the concealed handgun permit process if they desire to do that. One thing everyone learned is that their learning journey has just begun. There is so much to learn about shooting and gun handling that no one class can teach all of it to you. The other very important thing everyone learned is that this skill takes practice. Everyone needs to practice to become proficient with firearms, different types take different procedures to be safely handled and stored. One interesting drill we did in class is the safe passing and accepting of a pistol both revolvers and semi-automatics.  Here is a video that incorporates what we learned.

As with any firearm technique think safety first and remember practice makes perfect……..


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