Home Defense Shotgun Options

home defense shotgun

Many people want to use the same shotgun they hunt birds with for a home defense shotgun. It’s true it will work for that but it’s not set up for the self defense situation, but it can be very easily. One of the best home defense shotguns is that old bird gun modified for home defense. It’s easy lets learn what it’s about.

First- Proper Gauge for Home Defense Shotgun

Any gauge will work but the 12ga shotgun is the most prolific and will be the easiest to find self-defense ammo for. If learned properly a 12ga shotgun is just as easy to shoot as a 20ga.

Second- Length of Shotgun Overall

Many bird hunting shotguns are very long and they can be hard to control in homes. It’s very easy to get that barrel sticking out where someone will see it or manage to take it away from you. A length of barrel at 20″ is good. The smallest you can have by law without a special permit is 18.5″. Shotguns without a stock look cool in the movies and are very hard to shoot. Remember in some cases these guns can be illegal.

Third- Ammo and Lights on the gun

Most self defense shotgun shootings are over with less than 3 rounds being fired. That being said it is very easy to have additional ammo on board your shotgun. There are all sorts of attachments that allow you to carry that additional ammo. Having a light on a home defense shotgun is usually a good idea and they can be attached in numerous ways to the gun. Always identify your target before you shoot.

Forth- It’s Easy to Set Up Your Shotgun

Get rid of that old wooden stock and replace it with a lightweight polymer stock and forend (the industry calls this furniture). If you happen to have a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500 series gun replacement barrels are easy to swap out also. Put on a velcro ammo holder attach a light and you good to go. Don’t throw away that wood stock and forend or your longer barrel they are all worth money. Keep them so you can put your gun back in its original condition someday if you want.

Fifth- Not Likely these Guns will ever be Banned

Most of us know that even if guns are banned in this country the likelihood of the old bird shooting shotgun being banned is slim and none. They are not on the assault weapons list and it makes it a great choice for what we do.

I can help you set up your shotgun for home defense. My home defense shotgun class with teach you how to safely manipulate your shotgun for home defense.



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