Locking Your Gun in an Automobile

Locking Your Gun in an Automobile

The company that I courier for called me and asked if I could deliver a document to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver today. I said “sure” and started to think about my trip. Especially I was thinking in terms of my awareness and my security for my firearms and myself. Locking your gun in an automobile always needs to be done in a proper manner.

10th Circuit Court of Appeals

I would be armed today like always and since I was going to Denver (especially downtown) I did not want to make the trip unarmed, so I grabbed one of my vehicle portable gun safes to take with me. This day I would be in a company vehicle and there is no proper way to lock up my gun in this vehicle. I am planning that going to a federal court building I will have to leave my guns and other EDC (every day carry) items in the vehicle.

Then I drove to the downtown area and as I approached the area I wondered how I was going to put my guns in the safe without anyone being the wiser or seeing me do it. Remember if someone sees you with a gun it can be problematic and then someone knows you have left a gun in the automobile.locking your gun in an automobile

We all know that center consoles and glove compartments are not wise choices for gun storage while away from the vehicle.  Many of the reported gun thefts state that the person left the gun in the glovebox, center console, or under the front seat. Even if the locations lock they are not secure enough for a firearm. It is very easy to pop open a glove box or center console without many tools. Most of these thieves carry very little in the way of tools and the incident is over in just a few seconds. Break a window grab what you can and run.

My Gun is in a Proper Safe

So I wrapped the cable around the passenger seat frame and pulled my primary weapon (with the holster) and un-holstered it to lock it up. I do not lock guns with holsters in the safe because it takes up too much room. I removed the handgun and placed it in the safe (finger off the trigger of course). My backup weapon was next and I pulled it from the pocket holster and oriented it so both would fit in the safe. I closed the door locked the safe with my key and shoved the safe and cable under the seat where no one would be able to see it.

locking your gun in an automobile

My extra mags both for the primary and backup gun along with the holsters were put in the glove compartment, along with my pepper spray, flashlight, and pocket knife, which I carry on my strong side clipped to my pocket. I knew I was going to have to go through a metal detector and I did not want any problems.

I crossed the street to beat the Metro Train and it dawned on me that my tactical knife ( TDK Ka-Bar) was still attached to my belt on my weak side. So back to the company vehicle, I went to stow it safely so I wouldn’t have any problems getting access to the government building. The one item I forgot was my Blue Alpha Belt with Cobra Buckle it was gonna set it off and it did. If I would have thought about it in my planning I would have worn a stiff Instructors belt with a non-magnetic buckle that I use when I’m going to an airport or other secure locations.

All in all, I had no problems, but a little prior planning would have made it much easier. When you plan to go somewhere with your gun and you know you’re going to have to leave it in the car, think about it in advance and the task becomes much easier.

These little inexpensive portable safes are a tool that all gun owners should consider for locking your gun in an automobile. I am a dealer for these and usually have them in stock. Give me a call and I can arrange to get you one.



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