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concealed carry permit renewalConcealed Carry Permit Renewal

time is a great opportunity for you to update your Concealed Carry Permit education. Here at Have Gun Will Train Colorado, we have small exciting classes that give you the up to date information you need to keep yourself and your family safe. Concealed Carry Permit laws and regulations are changing and you need to be sure that you are following all the great up to date tips that we share in our classes. Rick Sindeband, the lead Instructor in these classes has many years of experience in the self-defense and the shooting sports arena. Many of the gun handling techniques that Rick shares with his students are invaluable. Some of the many Concealed Carry Permit Renewal Topics that will be discussed are:


*Use of Deadly Force-*What is Self Defense-*Voice Commands-*Stand Your Ground
*Duty to Retreat-*Castle Doctrine-*Highly Defensible Property-*Traffic Stops
*Carry Methods Pros and Cons-*Affirmative Defense-*No Gun Signs
*Gun Safety 101-*Guns, Alcohol, and Marijuana

Testimonials from some of our students:

Rick Sindeband’s concealed carry course was awesome! He was very informational and informative on not only concealed carry but also on gun safety, protecting yourself when things go wrong but also by personally helping me find a gun that will be just right. He was very patient and willing to work with our schedule. I would highly recommend Rick for anyone who wants to become more educated with guns and or gun safety. Rick also offers a lot of courses that are not about concealed carry that seem to be extremely beneficial! I am personally looking into these classes myself. Again, Rick is truly amazing and is a trained professional in what he does!.
Gina M
My wife and I recently took a concealed carry training class from Rick. We thought that the class was excellent, well taught and informative. Rick obviously is an expert in the subject matter, and passionate about it. Rick took lots of extra time to answer our questions and work with us on basic firearm skills. My wife was especially impressed with what she had learned. We both had carry permits in the state we just moved from, and wish we had received training like this before we began carrying there. Thanks!

“I’m 99% certain you’re going to love my class, and that’s one reason why people come to me for training and refer others. I want to make sure that your 100% happy with me, the class and your learning experience which is why I always offer a full, no fuss money back guarantee that you will receive the training necessary to renew or apply for a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit.”

For a Limited Time, your renewal training is only $45 and takes approximately 2.5 hours.

The Concealed Carry Permit Renewal Training you Need

Sign Up Now classes are available on weekends or weekdays and are always available around your busy schedule. Sign up for Concealed Carry Training that will make you and your loved ones more confident about your abilities to make the right decisions when you carry a gun concealed for protection.


Sep 162018

Colorado Concealed Carry Renewal TrainingThis year I’m seeing a big surge in Colorado concealed carry renewal training because I think people are finally realizing that they may not have gotten the training they needed to safely carry a concealed handgun when they first got their permits. If you have gone more than 5 years without some concealed carry renewal training you are kidding yourself. I am teaching material I have learned in the last year. Being an instructor is a commitment to training and being a student forever. Part-time instructors, gun show classes, hotel classes, and a class at the church may or may not have given you what you need to stay out of trouble and survive a deadly encounter.

Let’s face it the chances of you using your gun in self-defense are slim and none. Thank god Self Defense shootings are rare. Most shootings that you hear about are gang-related or involve the police or some criminal activity. The chances that you will injure yourself or someone else administratively mishandling your own gun is really high. Transporting your gun, loading and unloading that self-defense ammo because it’s expensive and you don’t want to waste it at the range. Cleaning your gun, and the big one drawing from the holster and then re-holstering and carrying a gun either improperly or in the wrong holster. These are all activities where accidents happen and concealed carry renewal training can help.

Concealed Carry Renewal Update is Important

Next, the level of understanding of the allowed use of deadly force amazes me. I had a conversation with a couple in a renewal class the other day. I was floored at the level of misinformation most concealed carry holders actually have. People believe they can do all kinds of things with their guns in and out of their homes that are not proper. Then there are the state gun laws that have not changed much in the 10 years I’ve been involved in this arena.

But there are places now in Colorado that have preempted Colorado State law and made up their own regulations. Guess what, you have to follow them and ignorance is not an excuse. Yes, there are lawsuits filed on these laws. These lawsuits will take years to figure it out and meanwhile, you are subject to these rules. I remember a time when the rules were the same everywhere in Colorado that made you confident about having a gun and knowing what was right and wrong throughout the state.

Do you know the Law

On top of all that traveling out of the state of Colorado with a gun in your car has gotten trickier and trickier. Do you carry insurance for this you should if you don’t?  Do these things sound important to you? Important enough to get someone to tell you the real scoop. Colorado Concealed Carry Renewal Training can help.

I’m not sure I want to rely on a class I had in the basement of some organization taught by a guy whos been a firearms instructor for 3 months. You are risking your freedom, your finances, and your life. When you don’t get the concealed carry renewal training and information you need to carry a concealed handgun safely in Colorado. Think about it. Are laws being passed or ignored all over this country? What about Immigration, what about Marijuana. Are laws and regulations being passed everywhere that someone says are illegal or not valid under the constitution either by the state or federal governments.

Colorado Concealed Carry Renewal Training

And last but probably the most important. Can you hit the target with your chosen handgun at what most people consider to be reasonable distances for self-defense? Will you safely access your gun and put shots on target under stress? Can you draw your handgun sitting down? Have you practiced shooting your gun at contact distances? Have you tried to practice pulling your firearm while in your car?  Most self-defense incidents happen within 10 feet. Are over in less than 3 seconds with 3 or fewer shots being fired. And usually happen frequently in and around automobiles.

Colorado Concealed Carry Renewal Training is easy to get it just takes approximately 2.5 hours and can be done on your schedule. Don’t listen to your friends at the coffee shop about when you can shoot someone it’s not their savings or freedom that’s at risk. Get scheduled for Colorado Concealed Carry Renewal Training today.

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