Concealed Carry Class Level 1
One of Colorado’s most popular Concealed Carry Permit Classes. Classes are held almost every day. In this class
(unlike others in the area) you will learn Colorado Gun Law, Self Defense Law, and hands-on gun training.
Many people think this is the best class they have ever been to. The instructor’s experience and education make
this a top class in Southern Colorado. This four-hour class is available Monday Tuesday and Wednesday mornings
starting at 10 am. Thursday and Friday at 9 am, and Saturday and Sunday at 8 am. Evening and afternoon classes can be

Presentation and Draw From the Holster
Many people think they can learn to draw from the holster on the internet. The process of learning draw from the
holster is so important because this is where many accidents happen. Only one in a hundred instructors are
certified to teach draw from the holster. Learn from one of the few that are certified for this important task.
This class can be taken many afternoons and includes top-notch instruction both with and without live ammo.

Home Defense Shotgun Mini Class
Many people bought shotguns this year when handguns were not available for home defense. Some people know that this is one
of the most effective weapons for self-defense in the home that there is. Our certified instructor will explain
all the aspects of this fantastic weapon system. Included in this course is shotgun safety, gun handling
techniques, and ammo basics. Learn how to properly keep your shotgun ready for home defense safely and effectively.
This 2.5-hour intro course can be done on many afternoons or evenings.

OC/Pepper Spray Training
Our certified instructor will walk you through the maze of OC/Pepper Spray Myths. In this class you will learn to
legally and safely deploy this non-deadly force tool. Learn the legalities and how to use it. No real
OC/Pepper Spray is used in class. Only water spray units are used in the hands-on portion of this class.

Use of Force and Colorado Law
Many people tell us that they would like to have a class that is just about Colorado laws and the Use of Force
rules for Colorado. This new offering is a 2.5-3 hour class giving you all the basics you need to understand these
complicated topics and making you safer and more confident with your handgun.

Concealed Handgun Renewal Training
Many people need an update in their education at the renewal point of their license. It’s not required by law but is a really
good idea. Our school sees a lot of people that did not really learn anything 10 years ago when they took their first
concealed carry class. Laws change, gun handling and safety techniques change. You are carrying a deadly weapon. Do you really
want to risk your life, your freedom, and your finances on old information or techniques?

5 Tips For Concealed Carry

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Aug 072018

Concealed Carry Training

Get some Training –
Get in a concealed carry class that will teach you the basics. Many people have never had exposure to handguns. Be sure that the Instructor you choose has a vast amount of experience in firearms and firearms training. Your Instructor should be a student of the industry and should be a Concealed Carry aficionado. Sometimes a Law Enforcement background or Military Service is not enough. I have had many of these individuals in my Concealed Carry classes over the years and many of them cannot unload a gun and make it safe without violating one of the rules of gun safety. You must learn the right way from the beginning otherwise you will have to break those bad habits later so that you can safely partake in the Concealed Carry lifestyle.

Learn Gun Safety –
Gun safety is paramount. Gun Safety is simple there are a short set of rules that most Concealed Carry Professionals in the industry follow. You have to learn them from someone who can show you why they matter. Just learning the rules without any reasoning behind it gives you no reference to complete the learning process. I want you to learn the Gun Safety Rules and I want you to be able to relate them the Concealed Carry process.

Laws and Regulations –
I have had many individuals in my class over the years that know the laws and regulations about guns and the carrying of them legally in the State of Colorado. Many of them are surprised about some of the information because they have it wrong. Many times what they have heard from family, friends and the coffee clutch is old information. Much of this information in class deals with GUN LAW. Gun law is the regulations we all have to deal with when we own a gun. Can a gun be in our car? Can it be loaded? Do we have to declare a gun to a Police officer in a traffic stop? Many of these are talked about by people who spread misinformation. You need to know the real scoop. Then there is the use of deadly force. Many experts around the industry like Andrew Branca have important information about the Laws of Self Defense. Andrews teachings and Books are considered the gospel when it comes to using a firearm for self-defense. I always give some significant information on this topic and how it applies to Concealed Carry.

Basic Gun Training-
Learning to handle firearms safely. This is done by being shown the proper way and then doing it in class so that you can handle your firearm safely when you leave class. Many accidents in real life happen when administratively handling your firearm. Loading and unloading, transporting to and from shooting and cleaning the firearm. No live ammunition is ever used in any classroom setting. Live ammunition is only a recipe for accidental discharges and injuries that may result. Any good training is going to give you Information for picking a good Concealed Carry Gun. Size of guns, Brands of Guns, Best actions Revolver vs Semi-Auto and the neverending caliber the argument. All of these and more are discussed in my Concealed Carry Class.

Learn to Shoot the Concealed Carry handgun you choose-
learning to shoot the Concealed Carry handgun of your choice is the ultimate goal. Most of the information that I have talked about prior to this is of no use to you if you do not learn to shoot your gun. Most of my students like the way I handle the live fire training in my courses. I do not do it in large groups. You will be learning the most up to date information about shooting and shooting methods.

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