May 282016

How Difficult Is Concealed Handgun Class?

Concealed Handgun ClassWhen considering a  Concealed Handgun Class , people often think about how difficult the class will be, and also how long it will take them to get through the concealed handgun class. When it comes to being a trained concealed handgun owner, this is a question that is often asked, and rightly so. The truth is that handgun class isn’t a walk in the park, but it isn’t something that’s incredibly difficult either. Obviously everyone will have a different view on this because some things come more naturally to certain people and everybody has their own gifts and talents. With that said though, Concealed Handgun Class is something that’s generally not viewed as incredibly difficult or something with a high failure rate. People usually do quite well in their handgun class, provided they devote enough time to paying attention and take their education seriously.

Concealed Handgun Class Can Be Fun

Because people generally have time and money invested in these situations, they tend to put in a lot of effort and work hard into the class. There are some barriers to doing well in handgun class, and these are usually the same barriers that exist with any education class. Obviously if you have a learning disability or something else that makes it tough for you to take in and comprehend information, you might have some trouble with your Concealed Handgun Class. It’s important to always remember thought that your instructors are here for you, and that’s what you are paying for,  so if you have any questions at any time, you can’t be shy about asking them. One of the worst things that you can do is sit back and stay quiet when you don’t understand the course material or need more help with something. Most instructors for handgun class make themselves available outside of normal class time too, either by phone or by email or some other means of communication. They often do this so students have every opportunity to talk to them and make sure that they comprehend the material.Keep in mind that you sign up at a particular school, you can ask to talk to them about the program. This helps to ensure your success because you’ll know if they seem like nice, readily accessible people who are willing to help. If you have a bad feeling that the instructors aren’t nice or don’t seem to genuinely care about the students, then you can keep looking for another school because the quality of the instructors is a big factor in your overall success and satisfaction with any Concealed Handgun Class.

Concealed Handgun Class Information

More Information: If you are considering the idea of taking a handgun class, its incredibly important that you find a source of reliable information about the class and the instructor.  Among the best sources are online reviews for the particular class. One of the popular sites covering  a review for handgun training is this video.  For more information, visit their site by going to this website


Jul 202015

I had an interesting weekend in Victor, Colorado and saw some things that I thought I would discuss with the Concealed Carry Permit flock. Some Concealed Carry Holders are choosing to carry pocket guns and while this is personal choice, I am seeing more and more people do it unsafely. One person I recently met pulled the concealed carry firearm out of his pocket with his fingers in front of the muzzle, and when I asked him about it his response was its a long trigger pull it can’t go off!! (See the video I posted on Facebook) I then questioned him about his pocket holster because I am curios about such things and he responded I don’t need a holster it’s this only thing in my pocket. Well he got part of it right. First of all most of you who know me know that Im not a fan of little concealed carry guns. Yea I know the only gun that counts is the one you have with you when you need it. I think with a little training and wardrobe management a person can carry a reasonable size gun in a decent caliber and be comfortable and safe. With that being said a few things we should all remember about pocket carry for concealed carry. Remember if using as a backup gun ,some states do not allow a second gun to be carried.

1) Use a holster

a. Cover the trigger guard, reducing the chance of a negligent discharge

b. Protect the gun against lint and dirt, pocket carry guns need cleaning and maintenance more often

c. Protect the pocket against the gun’s sharp edges and oil

d. Keep the gun positioned correctly in the pocket, an upside down gun is dangerous and unacessable

e. Prevents the gun from falling out of the pocket during vigorous activity

f. Allows a simple and rapid draw, with some provision to keep the holster in the pocket when the gun is drawn

2) NOTHING should go in the pocket that holds the gun except the gun and the holster.

Pocket concealed carry need not be limited to a small, subcaliber handgun in the side or back pocket of slacks. Various pants, jackets and even some shirts provide many possibilities for effective pocket carry of small, medium and large concealed carry handguns.

Pocket carry has several major advantages:


Safety in holstering (take the holster out of the pocket face in a safe direction while holstering the firearm and then replace it in your pocket.

Pre-staging the draw, This is one of the biggest advantages of pocket carry compared to other concealed carry methods.

If trouble may be brewing, the aware concealed carry permit holder may place his or her hand on the gun in a firing grip. A practiced individual should be able to draw and make hits out to seven yards. Be careful where you practice this, it is against the rules at one of our favorite ranges.

In all cases, the handgun in question must be:

Reliable and durable under extreme circumstances, Simple and intuitive to operate, Quick to grip and draw, Well fit to your hand and naturally pointable, Shootable and controllable enough for you to keep multiple rounds on target at cyclic speed (as fast as you can pull the trigger) at close range, with one hand, Powerful enough to consistently penetrate a big guy’s vital organs through commonly worn clothing from all angles with expanding bullets.

Oct 122014

Concealed Handgun Training Its hard to find time to do all the things in life that you want to get done. We have a solution to your gun training woes. Many of our students love our weekday and evening hours set aside for people who wish to get the training they need but don’t want to give up that precious weekend. The reason we can offer this gun training is that we have our own classroom and have shooting privileges at the only indoor shooting ranges in Southern Colorado.

Many of our students rave about how easy it was for them to get the concealed handgun training they wanted and how we made the times and dates very accessible. Just tell us what Gun Training you would like to have and what date works for you and your friends and will try to make it happen. We find that people who have no gun handling experience do great in our class. We suggest you take the class before you buy a handgun. Many students who run out and buy a gun for the class are disappointed with their purchase. You will learn in class which gun is right for you

Let us know what works for you
Bring some friends/or not
Pick a date and time
We will work with your schedule
Don’t worry if you don’t have a gun
Gun Safety taught in every class

One of our student’s comments about class:

Both the content and delivery in this course were outstanding. Ricks style and approach to the course was interesting and fact-packed! I would tell anyone in Southern Colorado looking to get this done to contact Rick.

Sam B



gun safety trainingGun Safety
In all our classes gun safety is taught, you will know the safe and proper handling method for your firearm

firearm laws and regulations      Gun Laws
We are not Attorneys and you should always consult one for legal matters, but we will give you the best information available on current laws and regulations regarding guns and gun handling

hands-on gun training           Hands-on Gun Training
You will learn what is considered to be the very best gun handling skills so that you can be confident that you can handle your gun safely in and out of your home.

Why Train With Rick

Get the Training when you want. We will make it happen on your schedule. Many types of training are available on your schedule. Sign up below and let us know what your training needs are and when the best time is for you to get the training you need.

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Mar 312014

draw from the holster training

Conceal Carry Draw From the Holster Training

When you make a choice to conceal carry a gun it is important to get proper draw from the holster training for conceal carry and practice so you can handle your equipment safely and effectively. One area usually missing is learning to draw from your conceal carry holster.

Learn a Proper Efficient Draw

When you draw properly, it can be the difference between life and death. During this class, you will learn and practice the steps needed to draw properly from a conceal carry holster. With practice, you will master the steps for a draw from the holster and combine them into one fluid motion. The draw from the holster training is one of the most important aspects of conceal carry and handgun self-defense. The instructor for the seminar is Rick Sindeband. Rick has many years of experience with firearms and is certified to teach this skill.

Don’t Be Fooled

Only one percent of all firearms instructors are actually certified to teach an individual proper and efficient draw from the holster. One of the key components is the safety aspect. There are many accidents that happen from improper equipment or poor techniques. Watching a video on youtube is not enough. A qualified instructor needs to watch and guide you through the process because you can’t see yourself making mistakes.

Many of the incidents you have seen nationally would have turned out much better for everyone involved had the person been trained properly. If you are on your church security team or just protecting your family. Get the training that saves lives.

Conceal Carry Draw From the Holster and Presentation Class

When: On Your Schedule
Time:  2 Hours
Cost:  $45
Phone: 719-821-3958
Class size is limited Sign up Today

Conceal Carry Draw From The Holster Training Prerequisites

Prerequisites: 18 years old
What to bring:
Centerfire Handgun that fits your strong side holster
2 magazines/speed loader
2 support magazine/ speed loaders holders
100 rounds of ammunition
Sturdy belt

Oct 272013

Concealed Carry Training Gift Certificates

Give the gift of concealed carry training that may save a life. Firearms training is a wonderful and yet unique gift for a friend or loved one.

gun training gift certificate


How to obtain a Concealed Carry Training  Gift Certificate

Certificates NOW on SALE for 2020 Holidays-2021 Training

Contact me  on my contact page

I will reply with the cost, some suggested dates and how to pay. I am going to be running some specials for training services for the holiday and the new year.  Once payment is received I will send you the personalized gift certificate good for 1 year from purchase.

Concealed Carry Training Gift Certificates

can be a great way to get someone special that Concealed Carry Training that they have been wanting but have not been able to accomplish. Many of our students keep putting off concealed carry training thinking that there will be a better time in the future. The time is now, this type of training is invaluable to people who want to protect themselves and their families from the evils we all face every day. Get a loved one the gun training they need to keep safe and stay within the law.

Many of the new laws in Colorado have no effect on Concealed Carry Training.  Get the Concealed Carry Training you need to be confident that you are following all the rules and you know the difference between fact and fiction.

Feb 142013

Concealed Carry Permit

Colorado Concealed Carry Permit Training

Right now is a great time for everyone who is interested in getting a concealed carry permit to get the training done necessary to apply for the permit. The Colorado Concealed Carry Permit Training is very straight forward and can be accomplished by everyone.  Training can be done in four hours and the concealed carry permit class  is fun and educational. Many of the business people who have taken the class come away with a good understanding of the use of deadly force.

Concealed Carry Permit Training

Class is structured so that you can make good decisions about getting a concealed carry permit and the use of firearms in deadly force situations. Gun safety, Colorado Laws,Pistol and Revolver Actions, Holsters, and Ammunition are all discussed so that you have a good base of information to move ahead with. Concealed Carry Class can be fun for you and your friends or family.

Book your class soon so that you can have the safety and security of a concealed carry permit. Classes are available at many times and dates. Contact us for your preferred times and dates for your training.