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Concealed Handgun PermitMaybe you took a Concealed Handgun Permit class many years ago, got your carry permit, and now you are not sure you know the difference between what’s right and wrong. You are confused about what you hear on the news or about new laws in Colorado or maybe your gun handling skills are not what they should be. Maybe you took a hotel Concealed Handgun Permit class or a class from a guy at the gun show and now your a little worried about some of the things you were told or you may not have learned. Maybe you just don’t remember.

Worry no more! If you took a class from me in the past or if you have a concealed handgun permit (took a class from anybody) and you would like to get some up-to-date training for your concealed handgun permit you have come to the right place. I have had many people come to me lately and say they have had a concealed handgun permit for a long time and that they are not really comfortable with what they can and can’t do so they don’t carry or don’t carry a concealed handgun very often. In the firearms training business, we use Murphy’s Law analogy for this. When you don’t have your gun with you that’s when you will need it. Sometimes you just need to get the proper information so you are more confident and don’t make mistakes that seem to be common by untrained or uninformed individuals.

Sometimes people are not comfortable with their level of understanding or training. Anyone who has taken my class before or has a concealed carry permit (from any class) has the option to come back and retake my level 1 class for $45. That’s a 30% discount on the normal class price. Over the years I have been exposed to new adult learning techniques, new training material, and some tricks that you probably didn’t get the first time you took a class, and you are welcome to come to my class for the discounted rate and learn them. Just sign up for regular level 1 class and in the comment or coupon code area put the word RETAKE. I will discount the rate when you attend the class.

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Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit

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concealed handgun permitColorado Concealed Handgun Permit

Many people in Southern Colorado and around the state are getting trained for a concealed handgun permit. Since Colorado is a shall issue state the process is very easy and only requires you to do a few simple things. First check to see that you are eligible for a Concealed Handgun Permit under Colorado statutes. Most people who can buy a handgun and pass a background check are eligible for a concealed handgun permit.  Second find a certified instructor that you would like to take a class from. Concealed Handgun Permit class varies in cost and length of time. Have Gun Will Train Colorado’s  Concealed Handgun Permit Class is 4 hours and I can schedule it around your busy life. Many people enjoy being able to take the class on their schedule and not have to give up a weekend or other valuable time with family and loved ones. Third call the Sheriff’s office for an appointment to file your paperwork, and pay your fees. The Pueblo County Sheriffs office was several weeks out on appointments last time I checked.

Concealed Handgun Permit

Your concealed handgun permit will come in the mail 90 days after you have completed your requirements and filed all necessary documents. Class is easy and designed for beginners as well as experienced shooters. Enjoy the freedom of carrying a concealed handgun for self protection and piece of mind.