Accident Gram-Colorado Springs Man Shoots Self While Holstering

ACCIDENT GRAM Colorado Springs Man Shoots Self While Holstering

Colorado Springs Man Shoots Self While Holstering

Setup- Colorado Springs, CO- A man entering a car tried to put his .40 S&W handgun into a holster under the seat, and accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the thigh.

Safety Violations- Rule #3 was obviously broken. Keeping your finger off the trigger is a must-do in these types of gun handling situations. Chances are Rule #2 Muzzle direction was also violated.

Remedy- Guns should always be carried in a holster. Had he been carrying this gun properly in a holster made for this gun none of this would have happened.

Conclusion- Guns Should not be carried without a holster. Why was he putting the gun in the holster? Was he carrying it without one? Maybe he was sitting in the car and reached under the seat to holster the gun. Either way, you should never carry a gun without a proper holster. Holsters that don’t keep their shape are dangerous too. Many of the soft type holsters collapse when the gun is removed making it hard to safely holster the gun when it is time to put it away. Remember the 4 criteria for good holsters. 1. Must be able to acquire a full grip on the handgun. 2. Needs to cover the trigger and trigger guard completely. 3. Has natural retention when turned upside down (gun will not fall out). 4. Holds its shape, does not collapse when the handgun is removed.

Accident-Gram Colorado Shopper Shoots Floorboard Of Car

ACCIDENT GRAM Colorado Shopper Shoots Floorboard Of Car

Colorado Shopper Shoots Floorboard Of Car

Setup- A Nervous Colorado shopper was handling their firearm in the automobile to see if it was loaded or unloaded before entering a local grocery store. The firearm discharged striking the floorboard and hitting the pavement under the automobile. No injuries were reported.

Safety Violations- Administrative handling of a firearm in day to day life is usually a bad idea. Most likely the trigger was pressed in this situation because guns don’t fire unless someone pulls the bang switch (trigger). I suspect that the person involved had poor loading and unloading skills and touched the trigger in the process of checking the handgun to see if it was loaded. Rule #3 was violated in this instance.

Remedy- Revisit the proper gun safety training techniques for loading and unloading a handgun. A handgun should be loaded and in a holster when leaving your home in the morning. If you are uneasy about having a loaded handgun in public leave it at home. Acquire the training necessary to have the confidence to handle your loaded handgun or leave it at home.

Conclusion- Some people actually believe that you can load a handgun when you need it. This is a big mistake. There is no time to load a handgun when a self-defense situation arises, and many times you will fumble the firearm because of the fear and commotion from the event.  That being said, administrative handling of firearms in public is a bad idea. You must be confident with your loaded handgun at all times or you are a hazard to yourself and everyone around you. Gun Safety Training and gun handling repetition will make you more confident about your ability to have a loaded firearm in your possession for self-defense and handle it properly.