Dec 282010

If the 3 rules of safety were always followed there would be no accidents with guns. Just take any accident report in the news or media and apply the 3 major rules and see if you can find a scenario where that is not true.

  1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction
  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
  3. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use

If these rules were always followed there would be no gun accidents. Gun Safety is an attitude….you should have one.!!

Jan 202011

One of the obligations we all have as concealed carry permit holders is to learn as much about the laws of our state that we can so that we are responsible gun owners. Remember it is your obligation to be informed. Pueblo Municipal Shooters, Inc sponsors a law and legal class for those who already have their CCW permit ,or those who are considering it. This training class is held about once a quarter and  is a great place to get some great information about concealed carry and just good rules to follow for responsible gun owners. The Instructor for the class is Patrick Watts a retired law enforcement officer of many years. Usually held on Sunday afternoons, the class has a nominal fee of $15 which makes it a bargain seminar and all the proceeds go to the range. Class is Scheduled for February 27th. See my Training Calendar for more details. I highly recommend this class to everyone.

Jan 232011

One of the important rules of safety in Gun Training for self defense or in just target shooting is to be sure of your target and what is beyond. You are responsible for the bullet from the time it leaves the gun until it comes to its final resting point. When plinking or target shooting a backstop is needed so that your bullet will not go beyond its intended destination, like at the indoor range, or outdoors where their is a large hill or mound of dirt called a berm. Most times when target shooting people use FMJ Full metal jacket ammo or ball ammo. This ammo has a lot of penetration great for target practice but maybe not so good for personal protection. The new personal protection rounds that are on the market now are for that personal protection scenario where what is beyond your target may be another person or a crowd of people. It could even be a wall to another room where children or family are sleeping. These bullets are designed not to over penetrate their destination by breaking up or distorting and loosing their energy after they hit the intended target.  Here is a video showing these type of rounds in use

I recommend that you use standard personal protection ammo that police officers most often use. Federal Hydra Shok, Speer Gold Dot, or Federal HST

Talk to the experts at the gun shops about all these types of rounds. While they are more expensive than regular target ammo, these rounds definitely have there place in your arsenal for self protection.

Jan 302011


  • White-Unaware of Surroundings
  • Yellow-Conscious and Tactical Awareness of your Surroundings
  • Orange-You are in a Potential Tactical Situation
  • Red-Fight or Flight

Many people walk around in level white- singularly focused on the task at hand or even texting or talking on a cell phone. You know these people you see them every time you go somewhere.  This can be one of the worst levels- you are not really paying attention to your surroundings.

Yellow,on the other hand, is you are aware of your surroundings, walking to your car or walking up to your house you are paying attention to who is around and what may be happening nearby. This mode will put you into a better position to react if your threat level changes to orange or even red.

Orange is you perceive things that may add up to a confrontation or attack.  Someone is approaching you maybe at a high rate of speed while reaching into their coat pockets. Maybe you are standing in line a the local drug store and you can see something is about to happen.

Red is no time think, react immediately depending on the threat you may have to draw your gun and seek cover. Training is the key to all these situations. Survival is the mode you want to be in. Maybe all you have to do is walk the other direction. Most times you will have options. Remember your only obligation is to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Avoiding a bad situation may be your best solution. Thinking about these things in advance gives you an edge on your assailant.  Remember if you choose concealment or cover these can degrade over time you need to move to a safer area as soon as possible.

Jan 162011

We had a great class yesterday at the American Legion Post 2 in pueblo Colorado. Everyone learned a great deal about pistol safety and how to handle a firearm. The certificate they earned will allow them to proceed with the concealed handgun permit process if they desire to do that. One thing everyone learned is that their learning journey has just begun. There is so much to learn about shooting and gun handling that no one class can teach all of it to you. The other very important thing everyone learned is that this skill takes practice. Everyone needs to practice to become proficient with firearms, different types take different procedures to be safely handled and stored. One interesting drill we did in class is the safe passing and accepting of a pistol both revolvers and semi-automatics.  Here is a video that incorporates what we learned.

As with any firearm technique think safety first and remember practice makes perfect……..

Mar 062011




NRA Basic Pistol class is one the most popular NRA Courses.


Course Goal

“To teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and using a
pistol safely.”






This course is at least 8-hours long
and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers
and semi-automatic pistols. Students learn NRA’s rules for safe
gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting
fundamentals; range rules; shooting from the bench rest position,
and two handed standing positions; cleaning the pistol; and
continued opportunities for skill development. Students
will receive the NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting
handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Winchester/NRA
Marksmanship Qualification booklet, take a Basics of Pistol
Shooting Student Examination, and course completion certificate.


You must be legal in the state of Colorado to be in
possession of a handgun.It is recommended that you
bring your own handgun. We will also have guns available
for your use.

Course Completion

Students will receive feedback on the live-fire
exercise and a course certificate upon successful
completion of the lessons. Students will receive a
“Basic Practical” rocker upon successful demonstration
of firing a qualifying “group”. There is a short written
test on the lesson material at the end of the

Concealed Carry Colorado

Students will receive a certificate qualifying
them to apply for a concealed carry permit in the
state of Colorado.

******Check the training schedule for dates of these
classes. Saturday March 19th will be the next class.