Accident-Gram Pueblo Man Gets Shot Playing with Gun

ACCIDENT GRAM Pueblo Man Gets Shot Playing with Gun

Pueblo Man Gets Shot Playing with Gun

Setup- Officers were dispatched to Parkview Hospital on a gunshot victim. They contacted a male whose back and arm had been grazed by a bullet. His story of how it happened, however, just didn’t add up, so officers pressed him on it. He finally admitted that he and a couple of friends were drinking and messing with a gun. One of the friends didn’t realize it was loaded and ended up shooting him. He’s offered to turn the weapon over to officers. The weapon was recovered, and it’s been determined that the shooter is a juvenile. He will be booked into Pueblo Youth Services Center on charges related to the use of the gun and alcohol. One of the individuals is an adult and charges of Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors will go forward on him.

Safety Violations- Obviously these individuals never heard of the four safety rules. Rule #1 #2 and #3 were all violated. Maybe they intended to play with a loaded gun and that is an alcohol-induced mistake.  Accidents happen when people handle guns while impaired. You should never handle guns while impaired. It also sounds like a person with no experience was handling the gun. Guns should not be played with. They are serious business.

Remedy- Before showing a handgun to anyone it should be cleared by a properly trained individual. Then all four rules of safety should be followed during the viewing.

Conclusion- If you’re drinking, don’t get behind the wheel of a car and don’t put your hands on a gun. The results, in either case, can be tragic!  A handgun that is passed around during a party to inexperienced friends is dangerous. At a minimum, this gun should have been checked by a trained individual and then shown to the interested party under supervision.

Gun Safety-Loading and Unloading a Semi-Auto Handgun


Gun Safety-Loading and Unloading a Semi-Auto Handgun

Gun safety is the process of handling firearms in a safe manner. When loading and unloading handguns these techniques are primary skills that must be trained so that gun handler will follow the proper procedures and be safe. Most accidents happen during administrative handling of handguns. Loading, Unloading, Cleaning and Transporting of firearms all fall into this category.

1. Checking a gun to see if it is loaded or unloaded properly. (#1 Rule ALL GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED)
Proper Procedure
a. Point the gun in Safe direction (#2 Rule KEEP THE MUZZLE POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION)
b. Remove the Magazine first
Finger off the trigger and trigger guard (#3 Rule KEEP FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER AND TRIGGER GUARD UNTIL ITS TIME TO SHOOT)
c. Lock the slide back (pointing the gun in a safe direction). If a round was in the chamber let it fall to the ground without picking it up. Bending over to pick something up with a gun in your hand is a gun safety violation
d. Do a visual and physical inspection of the chamber and magazine well (Pointing In A Safe Direction) All these procedures are done while POINTING IN A SAFE DIRECTION. What is a safe direction? (#4 Rule KNOW YOUR TARGET AND WHAT’S BEYOND) A safe direction is any direction you are willing to launch a bullet. For me and my students, I teach it’s pointing in a safe direction you have chosen straight ahead and parallel to the floor or ground, usually at a target or target area. Not Left or Right or Up and Down. These are not safe directions for gun safety and in most cases become bad gun handling habits.
e. Place the gun down on the shooting bench ejection port facing up in slide lock and muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
f. Unload your magazine from your support hand to your primary cupped hand

To load a handgun properly reverse the order

-Load your magazine
-Pick gun up in shooting hand finger off the trigger and muzzle pointed in a safe direction (see micro training video)
-Insert the magazine
-Put the gun into battery by either pulling the slide or releasing the slide lock keeping your finger off the trigger and pointing in a safe direction

2. Passing a gun properly from one person to another.
Proper Procedure
a. Point the gun in a safe direction
b. Remove the magazine. All while keeping your finger off the trigger and trigger guard
c. Lock the slide back (pointing the gun in a safe direction)
Do a visual and physical inspection of the chamber and magazine well (while pointing in a safe direction)
d. Grab the gun in slide lock position with your support hand over the open slide and pass it keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Gun Safety is a learned skill pass it to your friends and family.

Jeff Cooper’s Four Rules of Firearm Safety:

  1. All guns are always loaded.
  2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

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Accident-Gram Texas Gal Shoots Self In The Hand

ACCIDENT GRAM Texas Gal Shoots Self In Hand

Texas Gal Shoots Self in Hand

Setup- Sometimes, unloaded guns are the most dangerous? A police officer in a Texas town was called to meet a woman at the hospital. She told him she’d been shot, and her landlord drove her to the hospital. As the officer questioned the woman, he discovered she had wounded herself. She said she’d been handling an unloaded .380 caliber pistol and shot herself in the hand.

Safety Violations-To shoot yourself in the hand you would have to break several safety rules at the same time. First #1 All Guns Are Always Loaded. The handgun was not checked and unloaded properly. #2 Muzzle Direction was at her hand not at a safe backstop. Putting your hand in front of the muzzle is always a safety violation. #3 Finger Off the Trigger until it’s time to shoot. Guns don’t fire themselves. Someone or something must have touched the trigger for this gun to fire.

Remedy- Use the proper gun safety training techniques for unloading and making a handgun safe to handle.

Conclusion- A handgun should be checked every time it is handled outside of a holster. Had proper checking and unloading procedure been followed this accident would not have happened. Administrative handling of firearms is where most accidents happen. You must learn to check every gun you handle with the proper technique. Keep your finger off the trigger when handling firearms. Micro training is a good way to learn some of these techniques, so they become habits. Take one part of any technique and do it over and over until it becomes second nature or basically a habit. Make sure you have the proper technique to load and unload handguns. Get professional gun safety training to avoid these accidents.

Mar 212020

Common mistakes pistol owners make contribute to many of the accidents we see both at the range and in gun owner’s personal lives.

common mistakes pistol owners make

Muzzle Direction

Muzzle direction is the most important rule of gun safety. When looking at a handgun in the gun store don’t point it at the salesperson or at other customers in the store. Many gun owners think guns are unloaded in these places so it doesn’t matter. Did you check the firearm properly to see its loaded condition when it was handed to you? Do you know how to pass a firearm correctly to another person? If not these are common gun handling skills everyone should have.

Left to Right Rack

I see a lot of people who have a bad habit of what I call Left to Right Rack. If you point the gun to the left when you rack it (when your a right-handed shooter) you are most likely pointing it somewhere you are not supposed to. Sometimes the person in the shooting lane next to you at the range. Sometimes a family member or a shooting partner when your out on the north 40. Turn sideways to your target and hold the firearm close to your chest this will force you to point it in the safe direction and it makes the gun easier to manipulate. Racking the slide properly  will put you on your way to being a great gun handler

Hand in Front of Muzzle

Why would you stick your hand in front of the muzzle? You shouldn’t! Racking your gun from the front of the slide can cause your hand to inadvertently slip in front of the loaded gun’s muzzle. Use the serrations on the back of the slide either with the hand over method or the slingshot method. I see a lot of people reach out in front of the firearm when manipulating the firearm or reaching for something on the benchtop at the range.

Pulling the Trigger on an Empty Gun

I’m not talking about dry-fire. I’m talking about taking the pressure off the cocked trigger of your firearm when putting the gun away or in its case. If you have a 1911 style single action gun learn how to decock it properly don’t pull the trigger and let the hammer fall. On the striker-fired weapons leave them alone. There is no reason to pull the trigger and you are just asking for an accident. Only pull the trigger when you have your sights on something you intend to shoot.

Index your finger on the slide

It takes a little practice but you can learn to index your finger on the gun so that you don’t touch the trigger. This translates into great form when you draw from your holster. Use the micro training technique and practice practice practice.

Soon you will be a great gun handler and Common mistakes pistol owners make will be something you will read about not something you are doing yourself.