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home defense shotgun mini-courseHome Defense Shotgun Mini-Course is a basic course to get you familiar with your chosen shotgun, some accessories, and how to use them. This 2.5-hour mini-class will point you in the right direction.

Home Defense Shotgun Mini-Course

Many people have purchased Home Defense Shotguns because handguns were not available during the pandemic when they felt they needed some protection at home.  We will look at accessories, ammo, and safe gun handling techniques as well as a few laws that may be helpful. Learn what your shotgun is capable of and how to use it efficiently.

Firearm Safety

No course would be complete without a thorough look at the rules of gun safety. We will talk about and learn to apply the standard rules of gun safety to the shotgun.

Administrative Shotgun Handling

Loading and unloading the shotgun is one of the most important aspects of being comfortable with your self-defense shotgun. Learning to clean, store, and transport are also important aspects for the shotgun owner to understand.


Colorado Gun Laws

What can you do and not do with your shotgun in Colorado?

Laws of Self Defense

When can you use your shotgun in self-defense?

Shotgun Ammo

Learn how to pick the right shotgun ammo for the right situation. Shotgun ammo can be confusing because there are so many different kinds of loads. Learn the basic ammo do’s and don’ts in this class

Parts and Pieces

Learn the lingo of your shotgun and what the parts and pieces are called. Understand what they do and why they are important

Shoot Your Shotgun

Shoot your shotgun and get the feel of what it’s like to command the most powerful self-defense tool on the market. We will plan to shoot on a scheduled day because shotguns must be shot outside.

Home Defense Shotgun Mini-Course can be the key to your learning and using your shotgun effectively.

I will have this mini-course on your schedule and it will last a couple of hours. Let me know your schedule and I will set a date and time for you. This mini-class will be available for a small fee of $45

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shotgun class







Join us for our Home Defense Shotgun course, a range intensive class for anyone who wants to take their defensive preparedness to the next level! This six hour course focuses on identifying and presenting the shotgun skills critical to armed home protection.This insightful course demonstrates the capabilities and limitations of this common, yet misunderstood home defense weapon. Classroom instruction and live‐fire range exercises will keep your attention throughout.You must already be familiar with firearms safety

The shotgun is one of the oldest and most common, yet under-rated and least understood weapon platforms. Truly one of the most versatile tools available today, the shotgun is a must have for sportsman, hunters, target shooter, or anyone interested in home and self-defense.

This course is designed to bring familiarization and efficiency to the shotgun operator. We cover everything a shotgunner should know and will have you shotgunning like an expert in no time!

Safety Briefing
Loading and Unloading
Rapid Reloading
Shotshell types and their uses
Slugs and Slug Accuracy
Rapid Engagement
Position Shooting
Use of cover

What you will need
Your pump, semi-auto, double, or over//under shotgun (no pistol grip only shotguns)
Sling (recommended)
100 shells of #7,#8 shot (birdshot)
40 shells of #4, 0 or 00 buckshot
10 rifled slugs
Belt with shotshell loops or dump pouch
Proper eye and ear protection
Hydration and a sack lunch
Appropriate dress for the expected weather conditions
A portable chair

Cost $100
Class date will be determined but will be late April early May on a weekend. Let me know if you are interested in attending.

Level II Concealed Handgun Course
  •   Saturday