Accident Gram-Police Officer Shoots Self

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Police Officer Shoots Self

Setup- Police officer looking at a gun he was wanting to purchase in a local gun store. He handles the gun and then shoots himself in the process.

Safety Violations-According to the video the clerk and the officer did not check the handgun when it was handed to the Police Officer. When the officer was manipulating the slide he was at least pointing it away from the clerk. He then put his hand in front of the muzzle and pulled the trigger. Injuring his hand in the process.

Remedy-Review the Safety rules 1 thru 4. First, it is always your job to check the firearm using proper procedures even if it was checked in front of you by someone else. It is never ok to put your hand or any other body part in front of the muzzle of a firearm. This video violates rule #1, rule #2, and rule #3 depending on how you view it.

Conclusion-This was an accident waiting to happen. When you go to a gun store or a gun show it is always your job to check a firearm you are handling. Muzzle direction is paramount. Not putting something in front of the muzzle you did not wish to destroy would be a priority also. If you were going to feel the trigger you would want to know that you were handling an unloaded gun. Not assuming it was unloaded because it is a gun store. Never assume that you can bypass the standard check of a firearm to see if it is unloaded. This is a primary gun handling skill. It is said that you must violate a minimum of two safety rules for an injury like this to happen.

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