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Vehicle Firearm Tactics for Concealed CarryI’m sure I don’t have to tell you that one of our most vulnerable places in the concealed carry world is in and around automobiles. We spend a good portion of our lives in and around these pieces of steel that take us to and from our places of work, and just about everywhere else we go. It’s been said, ” Americans spend 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year”. That’s 7 full 40 hour work weeks. Do you think that maybe many of the self-defense incidents that we hear about happening in and around vehicles? Well, they do.

In 2016 there were 115,000 murders and rapes in America, that started in a vehicle.

I mentioned today to one of my students that I took a course last year about just this topic “Vehicle Firearm Tactics for Concealed Carry”, and I didn’t even leave my home to take it.  Look I have never been an advocate of online training, but sometimes in instances like this, it may be warranted.

1st Even if you could find a course like Vehicle Firearm Tactics for Concealed Carry it would cost you hundreds of dollars just for the course and that doesn’t include travel meals and hotel.

2nd I’ve been doing this a long time and I have never had an opportunity to attend a class such as this and I have looked many times over the years. They just are not available. Think about it. To have a vehicle that you and others can shoot at and train from is just non-existent in my world. Let alone the liability the range and the instructor has when you let everybody participate without knowing their skill level and safety understanding. The whole thing is mind-boggling.

3rd Somebody else knew how hard it was to do this so they produced a really good video-based education program for just that purpose. Vehicle Firearm Tactics for Concealed Carry was the brainchild of Riley Bowman and Jacob S. Paulsen these guys are the real deal with a lot of Instructor experience and Law Enforcement background. The production of this training program cost a bundle and you will see it in the quality of the program. In addition to all that these guys are here in Colorado (Buy Colorado).

So here it is a program that doesn’t cost $1000 or even $500 dollars and guess what this great program costs you less than 250- 9mm FMJ rounds (that’s 5 boxes) from your favorite discount store. That’s right you can take Vehicle Firearm Tactics for Concealed Carry for the low price of $37.62. This course is worth many times more than that and you should jump on it before Riley and Jacob realize they are giving it away and remember you can revisit it over and over again. Yes, I’m gonna make a dollar on it if you take the course thru the link I supplied, but you wouldn’t have even known about it unless I spent the time to tell you about the great Vehicle Firearm Tactics for Concealed Carry program these guys have to offer.

Sign Up Today For Vehicle Firearm Tactics for Concealed Carry training course.

I took the course myself and I would recommend it at 3 times the price… Vehicle Firearm Tactics for Concealed Carry


Mar 142019

Concealed Carry Training For Southern Colorado Gun Owners

Concealed Carry Training For Southern Colorado Gun Owners

 Concealed Carry Training is more important than ever

Train with the best and most highly rated school in Southern Colorado

Get the training and information you need to make yourself a confident gun handler

 Concealed Carry Training for Southern Colorado Gun Owners is not standardized 

       We service all areas in the Southern part of the state. Many people travel to Pueblo for shopping,

   medical appointments, and recreation. It is easy to schedule a class on those days     


Don’t risk your Life, your Freedom, and your Finances to poor or improper training.

You get the information that Instructor’s in the Hotel and Gun Show classes fail to teach

**Train With The Best**

Have Gun Will Train Colorado

Rick Sindeband, Certified Firearms Instructor


Concealed Carry Training For Southern Colorado Gun Owners

   Are you prepared for these events

In  Concealed Carry Training for Southern Colorado Gun Owners  Classes, you will learn

Gun Safety

Colorado Gun Laws

What you can and can not do with your concealed carry firearm

Use of Force Requirements

    Ammunition and Picking the proper Concealed Carry Handgun

Self Defense Requirements for Colorado

Proper handling of firearms

Learn to Shoot

Concealed Carry Training for Southern Colorado Gun Owners

is only 4 hours long

can be done on your schedule

and you do not need a handgun

Sign up for class

Concealed Carry Training for Southern Colorado Gun Owners

Classes are held on your schedule- some weekdays, nights and weekends are available

 Our class is reasonably priced

only $65 

Sign Up Today

See What Students say about the class:

Concealed Carry Training For Southern Colorado Gun Owners


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Feb 172019

Handling your concealed carry firearm on a daily basis without adhering to good practices can lead to unsafe habits and even accidents. One of the things I see in my classes frequently is that people do not handle their firearms safely and efficiently when they are administratively handling the handgun.

When handling your concealed carry firearm check the firearm to see that it is unloaded before handling. We all know that when we handle a firearm one of the key safety issues is checking the gun to see if it’s loaded or unloaded. Once you have determined the status you can proceed with your administrative handling. First, what direction are you pointing the firearm? Rule #2 (never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy). Is it a direction that will not harm anyone or damage property? Are you keeping your hand and fingers away from the muzzle? Poor handling practices include putting hands or fingers in front of the muzzle, or pointing the gun at yourself in your car while inspecting your firearm when the gun is out of a holster. Remember rule #1 all guns are always loaded! Do not get in the habit of handling your concealed carry firearm carelessly. I know with some of the small guns that are carried today our big hands can get in front of that muzzle. This is one of the drawbacks and hazards of carrying small guns.  When carrying small shooters you have to be more careful than the rest of us when you are handling your concealed carry firearm.

handling your concealed carry firearm

When you go to the range and you do not want to shoot your expensive carry ammo, you unload it from your gun and then when you are done with your range session you load it back into your concealed carry firearm. Did you know that every time you chamber a round it degrades that piece of ammo a tiny bit.  I like to rotate my carry ammo and mark the headstamp area with a marking pen (see picture) to see how many times I have ejected and rechambered that piece of ammo. After 4 times for each round, I shoot it up and buy another box of carry ammo, and start the process over. A degraded piece of ammo might not work in a self-defense situation and that would not be good.

Handling your concealed carry firearm is all about having good habits. Practice good sound habits when you are handling your concealed carry firearm.


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Feb 102019

concealed carry online trainingI have seen a recent increase in people coming to me with the sad story of spending their money on concealed carry online training only to find out that it is not acceptable in Colorado.

First– Colorado adopted a law in 2013 stating that concealed carry online training was not appropriate and that it was not allowed under our concealed carry laws in Colorado. Some confusion was had when the NRA came out with a training module that was done online, the difference being that you had to seek out a certified instructor to finish the class in person. This was allowed under the law because you had part of the training with a live person and that was an exception in the statute.

New Colorado Law Bans All Online Training

C.R.S. § 18-12-202(5)

“handgun training class” does not include any firearms safety course that allows a person to complete the entire course:

(I) Via the internet or an electronic device; or

(II) In any location other than the physical location where the certified instructor offers the course.

Second– Concealed Carry Training is not something you get out of a cereal box.  You need to not only discuss the laws of the state you will be carrying in, but you should have some hands-on training with a firearm so that you know the proper and safe methods of handling your firearm on a general basis especially under stress. Very few people come to me with what I call appropriate knowledge to be able to administratively handle their firearm and do it safely. I recently had a person in a class that had just taken another basic course from a certified instructor in the Pueblo Colorado area. This student informed me that they were not taught any of the safe handling techniques I use in my classes.  I find this especially troubling since most firearms accidents happen when administratively handling the handgun (loading and unloading). I also have witnessed instructors with students on the firing line where the student can not administratively handle that firearm safely in the shooting booth. This truly worries me that people are not getting some of the most important primary training they need. Its no wonder that concealed carry online training was not allowed under Colorado law.

You can get the training you missed out on in that hotel class or that class with an inexperienced instructor.  Contact me and let me know you would like to get a refresher on some of these issues and I will set you up for a class to do just that.

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Options When Carrying A Concealed Handgun

Jan 312019

Many of us are carrying a concealed handgun for self-protection these days, but are we prepared for an encounter that does not rise to the use of deadly force.  A less than lethal force option is recommended by all so that you have more options than just using deadly force. The old saying “when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail” applies here. Statistics put out by law enforcement agencies state that you are 10 times more likely to encounter an event that does not qualify for the use of deadly force than one that does. Collapsible Batons and Stun Guns are illegal in Pueblo, see Pueblo City Ord Sec. 11-1-601. Pepper spray is not mentioned in the ordinance and most experts consider it to be the best of the less than lethal options anyway. Colorado does not have any state-specific laws that restrict purchasing, carrying or using pepper spray as a self-defense tool.

One of the things that people forget about Pepper Spray is that in self-defense situations where you might wonder if you should pull your gun, pepper spray gives you some extra time to make good decisions. Making good decisions in self-defense situations is one of our big discussions in class. Having a less than lethal option at your disposal will give you the chance to make better decisions or just time to get away.

My choice and what I recommend to all my students is WildFire Pepper Spray, this is the most powerful spray tested by a laboratory so we know the results are correct. This spray is 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids.  Major Capsaicinoids (MC) are the chemical components of peppers that make them hot. Measuring by MC is a laboratory conducted and very accurate test for gauging hotness. Oleoresin Capsicum is the oil extracted that contains within it the Major Capsaicinoids.  I am a dealer for this pepper spray and it comes in a convenient easy to carry inexpensive size.

These sprays make great gifts for loved ones who can not carry a gun at work or those that have to walk to their cars maybe even in the dark. Runners and bicyclists love these sprays.

Carrying a Concealed Handgun is a privilege that many of us participate in. Carrying a less than lethal option is a very good idea for all of us. Just think about the places that we can not carry our firearm. This gives us some options to defend ourselves in many of these places that we can not carry a concealed handgun. These sprays are available from me at very low prices…


Carrying a concealed handgun


Jan 152019

I have witnessed and been made aware of more aggressive behavior by our local element in the Pueblo Colorado area. Sometimes this element is pestering you for money in one of the local popular shopping areas such as Barnes and Noble or King Soopers parking lot, sometimes it is the younger more aggressive crowd that thinks the world owes them something that to be honest they have not really earned. I personally witnessed one assault verbal and somewhat physical the other morning at a local restaurant and management did nothing to stop it. It took everything I had to stay out of it, and if you know me you know I’m not likely to stand by and watch somebody be abused by a group of young drunk or high (on drugs) individuals. But I told myself in the famous words of a world-renowned Instructor Not my people Not my problem!”

You have to remember that it is a privilege to be legally armed in public. Just because you are carrying a gun does not mean that you are ok to jump to everyone’s rescue. I tell most of my students that this privilege is for you to protect yourself and your family from death or serious grave bodily injury and you should refrain from sticking your nose into others problems. Especially when there is no danger of death or serious bodily injury.

That being said I think everyone should consider always having a less than lethal form of protection available to you at a moments notice so that you can handle these types of incidents if they spill over into your space and they are not deadly force threats. Remember the quote that says “if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail! Well, this is quite true if you are carrying a concealed firearm and that is all you have. You are more likely to use it when it is not appropriate.

So recently I have become a big advocate of OC  Oleoresin Capsicum sprays (pepper spray). These sprays come in very easy to carry sizes made for runners and bicycle riders and they are easily deployed with a little pepper spray training. I talked to a senior citizen female today that said a man reached into her car last week while trying to panhandle and for me this would be the straw that broke the camels back. She had her window down and we discussed the bad situations you put yourself in when doors are not locked and windows are not rolled up.

Pepper spray is legal in Colorado and can be deployed when someone scares you and you are in a situation where deadly force would not be justified. These non-lethal attacks happen many times more often than lethal attacks do.

Just remember to call the authorities about the attack. You want to be the first one to the phone and report it. If the attacker reports it first and says you are crazy and you attacked them. You may have to defend yourself from a legal mess with the law.

Pepper spray is a chemical compound made from red pepper that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and temporary blindness it is used in policing and self-defense, including defense against dogs and bears. Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, taking away vision. This temporary blindness allows officers to more easily restrain subjects and permits people in danger to use pepper spray in self-defense for an opportunity to escape. It also causes temporary discomfort and burning of the lungs which causes shortness of breath.

Major Capsaicinoids (MC) are the chemical components of peppers that make them hot. Measuring by MC is a laboratory conducted and very accurate test for gauging hotness. Oleoresin Capsicum is the oil extracted that contains within it the Major Capsaciniods.

The brands that I carry, Pepper Shot and Wildfire, have been tested for MC. Not many have. Our pepper sprays are equal to or better than the major brands out there: Mace, Fox Labs, and Sabre.

Pepper Spray Chart

Pepper Shot is 1.2% and Wildfire is 1.4%. This makes Wildfire the most effective pepper spray you and your family can buy. I have these sprays available in easy to carry sizes and also have some practice sprays for those that would like to practice without fear of being sprayed themselves. In addition, I have training available for any person or group that would like to arrange it

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