Here is the address:
Our classroom is located in the Daylight Donuts Building
700 W 6th St
Pueblo, CO 81003-2399

Mailing Address- P.O.Box 1425 Pueblo, Colorado 81002-1425

The classroom is in the same building as the donut shop. I may not be there on days when no class is scheduled. The outer door to the donut shop opens into a foyer. The classroom door is straight in front of the outside entrance as you come into the foyer. The best parking area is right in front of the donut shop. Do not park in the dirt lot that is east of the building.

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  1. Hello,

    We have received a job for a customer that has a fire in their home. We will be cleaning all of their contents, but they have several firearms that need to be cleaned of smoke. Is this something you could help with?


    Abbey Parker