Accident Gram-Starbucks Lady Drops Purse

Woman Accidentally Shot

Setup- A Florida woman accidentally shot her friend in the leg while waiting in line at a Starbucks. Police say they were getting coffee at the Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg when the shooter moved to set her bags down in order to pay for her drink. Her purse hit the ground hard and a fully loaded .25 caliber semi-automatic handgun that was in the bottom of the handbag fired, striking the friend above the knee.

Safety Violations- While she may not have violated any of the 4 safety rules, we know that some guns are drop safe and some are not. The older model .25ACP automatics are probably not drop safe. It is your obligation to check a gun to see if it has a history of accidents including but not limited to dropping or safety failing. One of the other 9 safety considerations for firearms use, not safety rules “is the firearm safe for use”.

Remedy- All guns even in purses need to be in a holster. Purse carry is the most hazardous way to carry a firearm, especially in the bottom of the bag. There is a possibility that this lady did not have the gun in a proper holster or in a compartment of the purse where it was kept all alone and away from other items that could hit the trigger.

Conclusion- In researching this many of these .25ACP Pistols have a history of discharging even in peoples pockets. Many can not be trusted even with a safety to be carried loaded. It is entirely feasible that loose in the bottom of a purse one of these handguns could go off for little or no reason.

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