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Everybody is struggling to find certain kinds of ammo both for practice and self-protection hence the formation of Ammo Wizzard (AW).

Sometimes the Wizzard has info about ammo that you are unable to find, or the local box store has it priced it out of reach. The Biden administration just put an import Ban on Russian Ammo which some have said accounts for 40% of the ammo market. Consequently, the ammo prices are starting to rise again as if they can go any higher.

Contact Ammo Wizzard Through the Form-

Contact the Wizzard for all your ammo needs. Let us locate the caliber ammo you struggle to find at a price you can afford.

Leave a request with the form and see if the Wizz and his suppliers have what you want. By the box or by the case.

In addition from time to time, the Ammo Wizzard will let you know what is available. The Wizzard has recently found both pistol and shotgun rounds for those wanting to practice and some wanting to defend themselves.

Recent Ammo Finds-

Recent finds include- .380ACP FMJ practice ammo, 9mm Luger FMJ practice ammo, 12ga 00 Buckshot for home defense, 45 ACP FMJ practice rounds, .30 Carbine, .40S&W

I have a great market for shotgun shells including .410 and 20ga. Lately .22LR and .22Mag have been available

Wizzard is spelled wrong so don’t get too excited. This is an old spelling according to the history of the word.  It was dropped many years ago for the preferred spelling Wizard.

AW is buy, sell, and trade. Sometimes the Wizz can connect buyers and sellers and we can all have more ammo to shoot. Don’t worry I am not selling firearms and please don’t ask. As I have always done, I help my students and others acquire ammo and firearms they need for fun and self-defense. I do this thru FFL’s that I have relationships with. I will be adding some ammo here that I have in stock for sale.  You are welcome to contact me about that through the form or call me and we can chat about it. The Ammo Wizz Logo was born on Robert’s computer at Embroidery Plus in Pueblo Colorado.  I added the AK-47 myself and will be adding some other features to the logo as we go.

Current Inventory 110322


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