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I know where you can get .40 S&W JHP ammo!!
email me rick@havegunwilltraincolorado.com
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How do you answer these questions? Take a moment to fix one of them and you will be a better self defender

Mike Seeklander one of the industry greats recently wrote an article that contains a series of questions that every person that carries a concealed firearm should be able to answer. These include:

Do you know how to select and utilize gear that will ensure your survival versus allow you to lose your gun during a dynamic situation?

When dealing with a potential threat more than three yards away can you access and draw your firearm efficiently and quickly (under 2 seconds), and do you practice those techniques weekly (at a minimum)?

If you were forced to deal with that same threat and they were less than three yards away, do you know what to do in that close proximity?

What if that same threat was so close they could grab or punch you (less than a yard)? Would you know how to handle that situation (could you protect yourself against the punch)?

If you were seated in your vehicle, seat-belted in, would you know how to handle that?

If during your critical incident, you drew and shot the threatening person, yet they failed to be affected, would you know how to handle that or what caused it?

What if during your critical incident you were injured or had one of your hands occupied. Could you still draw, reload, or clear malfunctions in your handgun with one hand only?

What if you had something that provided cover, could you use that cover efficiently and still return fire?

During your incident, you might experience some physiological and psychological effects that if misunderstood could easily rattle you. Do you know what to expect?

Lastly, have you ever exposed yourself to simulated stress that simulates the real fight, and if not, do you know what it will be like?
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Fixing cross eye dominance for handguns ... See MoreSee Less

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Smith and Wessons new Ad for the EZ.......whats wrong with this picture??? ... See MoreSee Less

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Walmart Open Carry

I saw a woman today in Walmart open carrying a firearm in an Uncle Mikes type cloth holster with a clip attached to her pants and not even wearing a belt. The holster was hanging out at about 45 degrees and I confronted her about the safety of it. She stated that she was in the Army and was an instructor and that it was perfectly safe. People if you are gonna wear a gun open have a secure belt and a proper holster. Anyone claiming to be an Army instructor ought to be ashamed of themselves and what image they project to the public about the safe ownership of firearms. The military does not do a good job of handgun training anyway and I see a lot of these types of people who think they know what they are doing. DO NOT COPY these uneducated individuals they will get you killed.
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I have been contacted by many people who have wasted money for online training thinking they would be able to get a concealed carry permit with this training. In 2013 Colorado outlawed the use of online-only training for concealed handgun permits. I have taken some wonderful training online in the past but it's not to get a CCW permit. These places are taking your money and not telling you that the training is no good for your Colorado permit requirements. As many have found out there is no shortcut. Also remember any other states permit is no good in Colorado. Colorado requires a resident-only permit. If you are here visiting from another state that we recognize (reciprocity) and you have driver's license to match your permit your good to go. If you live here as a Colorado resident and have any other states permit you are carrying illegally. Anyone carrying a Virginia permit and a Colorado drivers license is not carrying legally. ... See MoreSee Less

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