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Are you prepared to handle your firearms in these circumstances?

Common tasks involved in personal protection with firearms
The following tasks were identified from a six-month study of the Armed Citizen column in the NRA Journals.

• Shoot with handgun 23
• Draw to shoot 13
• Intervene in another's situation 7
• Engage multiple adversaries 7
• Draw to challenge 6
• Challenge from ready 5
• Draw to ready 3
• Challenge with non-threats downrange 3
• Challenge or present subtotal 17
• Draw to shoot (seated in auto) 4
• Shoot with non-threats downrange 3
• Shoot in midst of others 3
• Retrieve from car (handgun) 2
• Move safely from place to place at ready 2
• Draw pistol from purse 1
• Shoot from retention with handgun 1
• Engage from ready (handgun) 1
• Multiple armed defenders 1
• Shoot menacing animal 1
• Struggle 1
• Reload 0
• Retrieve from storage and take cover Additional Implied task
• Movement Additional Implied task
• Identify with flashlight Additional Implied task
• Shoot with flashlight Additional Implied task
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you have to have a quality holster..... ... See MoreSee Less

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Proper Storage......this Lawyer has some good info in this video ... See MoreSee Less

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great drill to practice outdoors.....you wont be able to do this drill at our local indoor range ... See MoreSee Less

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Not your people. Not your problem.

This woman was screaming at Taco Bell employees. The employees told her to leave. She refused. A man waiting for his food told her to “zip it” and asked her to leave as well.

She left. She went to her car and got a knife. She came back in the restaurant and slit the man’s throat.

Would you have considered that to be a likely outcome from your verbal involvement? You should be thinking about things like that. Most people have no clue how many depraved and broken people are wandering among us. It doesn’t take much to set those people off.
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Open Carry in Colorado is legal. Some areas of the state have chosen to make city ordinances against it and we just have to deal with that. Here are the arguments I hear them all the time in class about the open carry issue.

1. Its the only way I have to carry a handgun until I get a permit.

Well, I think this statement takes all the marbles. You are doing far more harm than good. When was the last time you were attacked at Walmart or King Soopers or even Safeway? These are certainly my most dangerous activities of the day. Seriously the likelihood of you being attacked at your local shopping venue is slim and none. When you carry a handgun openly in these places you are inviting crime. Many non-gun people are sacred by your gnarly looking gun with punisher grips. What if someone is so freaked out they call the police and say a man with a gun is in the store. Its happened! The other great thing that can take place is one of these nervous nellies can shoot you claiming you were a threat. That has happened. Both by civilians and the police. What about the criminal who is going gun shopping in Safeway? You know looking for some idiot who has a gun that looks like he is an easy target. That has also happened. Get the picture! The danger and damage you do to the gun owner's plight is far worse than any danger you have in the store.

2. I have a Second Amendment right to have a gun.

Yes, you do, and I believe it more than most of you do. The constitution does not give you a specific right to carry an open handgun in the store. In this country, we have a lot of rights that sometimes are not appropriate for certain situations. You have the right to burn the American Flag. I don't agree with it and I cringe every time I see it happen. It almost cost me my freedom one time at a local event. I was glad it did not happen. You have a right to free speech. Are there places that you probably should not say certain things? Why is it you lower your voice to say that protected speech when you are in the donut shop. Is it not legal for you to speak those words. Yes, they are (legal) allowed but is it a good idea? You lower your voice because to say it out loud is not appropriate. Don't you just hate that! This is what we are trying to get across to you is that it may be legal but it is probably not a good idea!

Carry your gun open to the shooting range. Carry your gun while hiking or walking your dog. Carry your open gun while you are enjoying any outdoor activity. Hell show off your new barbeque gun to your friends in the backyard. But please have a little common sense not to do it in public places. The powers that be are just waiting for you to screw up so they can pounce. Don't be the poster boy or girl for their next piece of legislation.

Stay safe and train like you'll need those skills tomorrow. Cause you probably will...
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October Free Gun Cleaning Class (FGCC)
We had a good group of people in October come to my Free Gun Cleaning Class (FGCC) on Wednesday nights. I think those that attended are better off now that they know how to properly clean a handgun. That being said you should also understand that there are many ways to clean your handgun and they are probably all better than not doing it at all. I am teaching you the way I have always done it. The idea is to get all the leftover grunge from the firing cycle out of your gun and to lubricate it so that it runs properly and does not malfunction on you when you need it the most. Many of the modern handguns that we own could probably be fired literally hundreds of times with no cleaning and probably never hickup even once. But do we want to take that chance? I personally do not like to carry a fired gun for self-defense. Do I clean my guns after every firing? No many times I don't, but if I fire my everyday carry (EDC) handgun then I always try to clean it right away. Let me tell you a story I heard about a man who was with his family at the mall. While they were shopping there was a shooting in one of the areas of the mall. They quickly moved to the exits only to find that the police had already locked down the facility and were now searching for the perpetrator. When confronted at the exit he declared his firearm to the police and upon inspection they had found the gun was recently fired. This man had to go thru some unnecessary scrutiny because his firearm was recently fired and not cleaned and they had to eliminate him as a suspect. Cleaning a gun is like many things in the firearm industry there are a million ways to do it. There is not just one correct way. Find a way that is easy for you and maintain your firearm so that it will work when you need it the most. I will probably have another one of these sessions in November for those that missed and want to attend. Watch for the announcement late in October
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In a recent video promoting the use of BRA holsters notice how she puts her hand in front of the muzzle upon reholstering
BAD idea...If you have to use your support hand for reholstering you are asking for trouble. You are taking a chance of putting a hole somewhere our creator did not plan for......wake up people. Any holster that you can not operate without your support hand is NO GOOD
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from a recent posting by Mas Ayoob

The criminal is the actor. He gets the first move. He doesn’t need to carry a gun until he decides he’s going to use it. The good guy or gal is the reactor: we don’t know when we’ll need it, which is why it behooves us to carry a defensive firearm wherever it is legal to do so.
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