Fact or Fiction

Colorado has no defined curriculum for Concealed Handgun Classes. You only get what your instructor knows. All Instructor training is not alike. Many Instructors are teaching old and not up-to-date material. Many classes do not teach the material you will learn from me. Hotel and Big Box store classes many times do not let you bring a handgun to class. How is any training that does not allow you to touch a gun help you?

Learn the real facts about carrying a gun in Colorado.  Many of the pieces of information you get on carrying a gun are not accurate. Police Officers and Lawyers are some of the places bad information comes from. Your buddy who took a class 10 years ago does not know the answers. Your neighbor who was in the military does not have the proper information. I am teaching information in my classes that 75% of the people who are carrying a gun for self-protection in Colorado do not know.

Most firearms accidents happen in administrative handling of the firearm. Loading, Unloading, Cleaning, Transporting, Drawing FROM A HOLSTER. You must learn the proper way to do these procedures or bad things can happen to you and those around you.

Get the best information available. Take a class from Rick Sindeband at Have Gun Will Train Colorado Today…..

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