Free Draw From The Holster Clinic

Sunday March 5th 2pm-5pm
Draw from the Holster Clinic at Pueblo Municipal Shooters

Free Draw From the Holster Clinic

This clinic will give you the opportunity to hone your skills and gain some additional knowledge about safety and techniques available for gun carry in a holster or other device. Open to all who would like to be a safer, more confident skilled practitioner with gun and holster.

No Charge to Pueblo Municipal members and a $10 charge for anyone who is not a member.

What you need to bring-
Prerequisites: 18 years old (No CCW permit required)
Handgun , Holster, or Carry Method that fits your needs (contact me before you run out and buy gear)
Normal gear to run your gun at the range
Eye and Ear Protection
1 Box of ammunition for your gun (no reloads please)
Sturdy belt if used.
Cover Garment

If you are new to holsters and concealed carry contact me and I can advise equipment you should acquire for this event.

This Free Clinic is brought to you by Have Gun Will Train Colorado, Rick Sindeband Instructor- (719.821.3958)-

You can contact me here about a seat in this class

Free Draw From The Holster Clinic

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