Getting Ready for a Self Defense Encounter

Getting ready for a self defense encounterGetting Ready For a Self Defense Encounter

Getting ready for a self defense encounter? Let’s take a look at what it takes to be prepared for one of these events.

The first thing you should remember is that self-defense encounters are rare. You are truly more likely to harm yourself or someone else from not handling your handgun properly and safely. Get some good basic training on your handgun. Learn and follow the 4 basic rules of gun safety at all times!

You must have a weapon-

Most people agree that the reason everyone wants a handgun for self-defense is because of its portability. These guns are easy to conceal and easy to carry everywhere you go. If we knew there was going to be trouble enough to need a weapon then most of us would prefer a long gun of some type like a shotgun or a rifle.

This chosen self-defense weapon should be dependable. Most modern handguns have become quite dependable. Pick a handgun that has simple features and comes apart easily for maintenance.

This handgun should fit your hand and you should be able to work all the controls. If your pinky is not on the gun you will have a hard time shooting it accurately.

Getting ready for a self defense encounter means you should be able to load and unload your handgun safely and properly following all the rules of gun safety and administrative gun handling. It’s not important to know how to operate all handguns just your handgun.

The caliber size of this gun should be one that is controllable to shoot and readily available at a reasonable price so that you can practice your craft frequently without breaking the bank.

Learn to Shoot and Maintain Your Weapon-

Get some good training on how to properly shoot your gun. Then practice those skills frequently so that they are natural and you do not have to think about it.

You should be able to draw from a holster and shoot hitting targets in anatomically significant places from 3-7 yards. Get some professional training on this skill. YouTube is not the best place to learn a skill that can be very dangerous if not done properly.

You should know how to clean and maintain your gun so that it works when you need it. A dirty or poorly maintained gun can fail you when you need it the most. Know your Manual of Arms.

Common Threads on Self Defense-

There are stats that show many self-defense situations are thwarted just by the display of the gun and not firing it. One of the other important factors is looking like you know what you’re doing with your gun we call that command presence. This means practice so that you have mastered your firearm and all its features.

A famous quote from Bruce Lee says all you need to know- “Advanced skills are the basics mastered

This statement is so true. We always hear from people wanting some high-speed low drag training with lots of shooting and movement on a course. Advanced training they usually call it.  Many of the people we see have not mastered the basics, yet they want to move into training that is mostly beyond their capabilities. That’s not to say they might not be ready at some time in the future. Everybody wants to jump to the cool training before they can do the basics properly.

Most Typical Self-Defense Encounters-

Tom Givens a highly rated instructor in the firearms industry has done some studies on a group of 70 of his students that have been involved in gunfights. Here is a recap of that eye-opening information.

Most of the encounters involved the 4R’s- Rape, Robbery, Road Rage, and Respect.

Most occur away from home- Malls, Grocery Stores, Parking Lots, Convenience Stores, and ATMs

Many occurred with little or no movement required besides a sidestep

Most happened at a distance of 3-5 yards or the length of a common car, conversational distances.

No lights or reloads were used or needed in these self-defense events

Getting the first shot on the target was critical

So what this means is you must be good at the basics. A lot of the things people worry about are never going to happen.

Get Some Training on the Law-

Getting ready for a self defense encounter means that you need some good education on the law. Gun law or your State Laws about guns is a good place to start for most people.

Everybody needs training in Self Defense Law. This is when you are allowed to use your gun to defend yourselves and others. Most agree that Andrew Branca or Massad Ayoob are the top experts in these fields. You should at a minimum read their books on these topics if you can’t attend one of their live classes.

Andrew Branca “The Law of Self Defense”

Massad Ayoob “Deadly Force – Understanding Your Right To Self Defense”

Wrap Up-

Learn the basics to the point of mastery. As you can see what you need to survive most self-defense encounters is the basics. Learn them from a good instructor and then practice practice practice.

Learn to draw from concealment and hit the target in less than 2 seconds. This is a skill that takes practice and coaching. It is a skill that is attainable by most people.

Have the will to survive! It has been shown that the will to survive is one of the most important things you can have. Decide in advance that you are going to prevail. Learn the skills to make it happen, and be safe

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