Micro Training What Does It Mean

Micro Training is just a fancy term for breaking down a routine into small segments that are easier to learn. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you are trying to learn to load and unload your pistol but you are having trouble keeping your finger off the trigger. It would be really easy to put the pistol down on the table in slide lock, ejection port facing up, muzzle pointing in a safe direction and then pick it up using the finger in register on the slide and then put it down with a finger in register on the slide. You could repeat this 500 or maybe a 1000 times and at some point, you will have learned where your finger belongs. It’s not about speed it’s about using micro training to do enough repetitions so that when you handle a pistol your finger will always be in the right position. This will also aid your finger placement when drawing from the holster.

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