Student Question- Which Gun to Buy

which gun to buy

Question from one of my students-Which Gun To Buy :

I would like your opinion on these guns I’m considering for dependability and effectiveness for Concealed Carry. Glock 19 & 43, Sig P365, Walther PPS, Taurus G2C?

Buying a Handgun is like buying shoes it has to fit your hands and you need to be able to work the controls when you buy it.

Find a Gun That Fits Your Hand?

First of all, you can never go wrong with a Glock. I’m a Certified Factory Glock Armorer and they don’t pay me anything to say this. Glock is the number #1 firearm for law enforcement around the world. All the bullshit about Glock accidents is just that. Every case I have ever read about was a straight out and out a safety violation in one regard or another.

If I were picking which gun to buy the 2 you mention are wonderful. The Glock 19 is the overall best gun they have ever made, That being said it just does not fit some people’s hands which you know is the number one criteria for picking a gun. It’s like picking shoes it has to fit. The original Glock 43 was one of their best sellers, but the new 43x and its brother the Glock 48 is hands down a better gun. Reliability is their trademark and anything that goes wrong is easily fixed. You can never make a mistake buying a Glock. If you don’t like it you will lose about a hundred dollars on the sale of a used one. Which gun to buy should always consider reliability.

The Sig P365 and the P320 its bigger brother are good guns and I have shot them both, and some people like the gun and it is a great self-defense handgun. Historically Sigs prices have been too high for most of us in the Blue Collar world to afford. I would love to own a $$P226$$.  The P365 and the big brother P320 have been the first affordable and nicely built firearms Sig has produced. But they are not a Glock. Some people will argue this point. But it’s like Chevies and Fords. I happen to be a Ford man. The 365 did not feel as good in my hand so it was not a choice for me.

What I bought for Concealed carry Handgun

You know I am currently carrying a Walther PPS M2 and I like it a lot. The PPS M2 (Polizei-Pistole Schmal / Police Pistol Slim) is carried by a lot of Law enforcement in Europe for off duty carry. Don’t get an M1 it’s the old version. This gun feels great in my hand and shoots well. I think this is a great gun for anyone for concealed carry. Of course, I had to put sights on mine cause I have the start of “OLD MAN EYES” and the sights I choose are great to see and acquire a target with both day and night.

But, truth be told I intend to switch to my Glock 48 as soon as I get some sights on her cause I love the way it shoots (longer barrel- more velocity- less recoil). But again it is harder to conceal because it is an inch longer than the Glock 43x her little brother.

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Taurus products. However, I know if you read enough articles they are on the comeback trail, but I believe this is just like any other purchase you get what you pay for. Reliability is one of those things affected by price.

Which Gun To Buy?

The one gun that you left out was The Smith and Wesson S&W Shield. I have become a fan of these guns but it has to be the model without the safety, and to be honest the Performance Center addition of this gun is hands down worth the extra money. There you have it. My TWO CENTS worth on those guns. Most are great some are better. The one that’s the best is the one you have with you when you need it. My choice of a caliber which is always secondary would be 9mm Luger.

Buying a Handgun is like buying shoes it has to fit your hands and you need to be able to work the controls when you buy it.

Update 12/15/2019 I am currently carrying the new Glock 48 and its the best pistol for concealed carry I have ever owned. With the longer barrel it’s easy to manage recoil and it comes with 10 round magazines. There is already someone making 15 round magazines for this gun!!

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