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uslawshield300U.S. Law Shield now covers any legal weapon not just firearms. The coverage states any legal weapon in a place that you can legally be. This means even your barehands, pepper spray, or a legal knife. This is great coverage for anyone interested in keeping themselves protected against an unexpected lawsuit either criminal or civil .

In many of my classes I talk about the importance of knowing when you can and can’t use deadly force. The attorney’s from U.S.Law Shield discuss this situation in many of the classes they hold. A person may use deadly force if a lesser degree of force is inadequate. A person does not have to retreat before using force regardless of whether they are in a place they have a right to be. All that is required is that a person is facing an imminent threat, they did not provoke unlawful use of force, they were not the initial aggressor.


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Oct 122011

 Concealed Carry- Law and Legal Education

will be held Sunday November 6th at 1:00pm to 4:30pm at Pueblo Municipal Shooters. If you have never experienced a class put on by Patrick Watts you have missed some great Concealed Carry training. His criminal code and concealedConcealed Carry Laws of Colorado carry laws of Colorado class is one you will want to attend. Patrick is a retired Deputy Sheriff from Arizona and as such has trained close to 5000 people in his 32 year law enforcement stint in Arizona. He is an NRA Certified Police Firearm Instructor, an Arizona Post Certified Police Firearms Instructor, an Arizona Department of Public Safety Certified CCW Instructor,and a Bondurant Certified High Speed /Pursuit Driving Instructor just to name a few. The Concealed Carry law and legal class is raw and real. Some of the stories he tells and the verbage used are just to good to be true. You definitely will come away with some information that you need to know.

Concealed Carry Law and Legal Info you Need to Know

One of the things I preach to my students is that every individual that carries a concealed handgun needs to know the rules. It is each individual’s responsibility to be sure what they are doing is within the law and with that knowledge be more articulate about these issues and be better able to explain one’s actions should that time ever come.

Concealed Carry Law and Legal education for $15……

Pueblo Municipal Shooters sponsors this class about once every 3 months and Patrick does it for a fund raiser for them. At $15 its a steal and a lot of information for the buck. A concealed carry law and legal class like this would cost much more money if you took it somewhere else.

Please contact Leonard at 561-3224 or Linda at 568-2491 for a reservation for this valuable training.

May 252018

The use of Deadly Force in Concealed Carry was only one of the many Legal issues discussed by Patrick Watts. He is an NRA Certified Police Firearms Instructor and a member of Pueblo Municipal Shooters. Patrick outdid himself today in his quarterly Law and Legal class hosted by Pueblo Municipal Shooters. Patrick pulls no punches as he spins tales from his Law Enforcement Career. Educating his class about the use of deadly force in concealed carry is his main goal.  In blunt language, he describes the kinds of problems a person can have when they carry a concealed weapon. You need to know the laws that pertain to concealed carry and the use of deadly force.

Use of Deadly Force in Concealed Carry

Use of Deadly Force in Concealed Carry

under CRS Title 18 Article 1, three things must exist for the use of deadly force

  1. Threat/Jeopardy: You must believe that you or someone else is in imminent danger of death or serious (grave) bodily injury.
  2. Means/Ability: The person making the threat must have the means or ability to carry the threat out at the time you defend yourself.
  3. Opportunity: The threat must be imminent and the person making the threat must have the opportunity to carry it out. (This is usually a function of time and distance)

Self Defense has its responsibilities

Remember in the use of deadly force in concealed carry you are responsible for every bullet that leaves your gun, if it hits a bad guy its a good bullet if it hits an innocent bystander its a bad one and you could be the criminal on the way to Jail.

 Several Years forward-May 2018

I continued Patrick’s teachings after his death. Making the public and my students aware of the responsibility of carrying a firearm for self-defense.  Patricks Law and Legal classes were very popular while we were giving them and they will be missed by all. Currently, I am teaching self-defense material that no one else in the area is using and I believe it is the best self-defense strategy you can have for carrying a concealed handgun anywhere in the country.

Use of Deadly Force in Concealed Carry is discussed in every class that I offer. Classes are available on your schedule. It is easy to get the education you need to be able to be confident in your ability to defend yourself and your family.

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