Traveling With a Gun in Colorado

Traveling with a Gun in Colorado is getting harder

Traveling with a Gun in Colorado

Traveling with a Gun in Colorado is getting more complex all the time. Colorado has a preemption law and that law says no city or county can pass a law that stricter than state law. This was devised so we could travel throughout the state and not have to worry that the laws were different from town to town. But now traveling with a gun in Colorado got much tougher because some of the cities in Colorado have decided to pass ordinances that change all that.

An easy to read paper on the issue

So I wrote  Colorado Do’s and Don’ts, A White Paper outlining important aspects of traveling with a gun in Colorado. 

This paper is easy to understand and it takes only $7.50 to get the information. If you spend the time on your own to develop this type of information you will see that the price is worth every penny. I tell my students in my classes that when you look up information on the internet you better know your source. Many of the large gun organizations have sections on the law, but in looking at most of these they are either not correct or they are incomplete. Just recently I found a huge mistake in one of the big organization’s websites so I decided to write this paper to solve the problem.

If you Carry a Gun Take my class for a refresher or Buy the outline I have provided here Colorado Do’s and Don’ts

Traveling with a Gun in Colorado is getting more complicated because liberal cities have started to violate our state preemption law and they don’t care. They know it will be years before these cases can wind there way through the courts.

Maybe you are coming to Colorado to hunt. Maybe to ski. Get the information that you need to carry a gun safely in Colorado. It might save you a lot of grief.

Get Colorado Do’s and Don’ts

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