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Rick is holding Concealed Carry training classes several times per week. He can make training easy to fit into your schedule. Weekdays and nights are available as well as weekends.

Many of our students rave about how easy it was for them to get the concealed handgun training they wanted and how we made the times and dates very accessible. Just tell us what Gun Training you would like to have and what date works for you and your friends and will try to make it happen. We find that people who have no gun handling experience do great in our class. We suggest you take the class before you buy a handgun. Many students who run out and buy a gun for the class are disappointed with their purchase. You will learn in class which gun is right for you.


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Many people love my Facebook Page. it is packed each week with training ideas and articles that interest gun handlers of all types. Be sure to Like my page and join the discussions.

Training with one of the top instructors in the area gives you a great resource in your shooting and self-defense endeavors. Many of you know of the training I have gone through. I am a student of the business every chance I get and I currently hold more certifications than anyone in this part of the state. You also know I carry a gun every day. I know some instructors that do not. Do you really want to learn from someone that does not practice what they preach. Not a very good example for their students. Did you know that you can be a certified instructor for a small sum of money and one weekend of training. There are many firearms instructors in the Pueblo area. Some of them teach 1 or 2 classes a year, I think that’s what they call a hobby. You can not be up to date on all the latest trends when you treat self-defense as a hobby. The Hobby Instructor- that’s the instructor I want to teach me how to protect myself and my family.
While I have never shot anyone except myself, and hope I don’t have to, (You will have to ask me in person about the shooting) I have been in many scary situations. I am not an attorney but I am a student of the law. I have been trained by some of the top lawyers and law enforcement personnel in the country. Over the years I have been involved in Security for businesses and also currently do some private armed courier work. Come train with someone that takes self-defense and concealed carry seriously.

Rick Sindeband

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