Buy a Gun Get Some Training

buy a gun get some trainingBuy a gun get some training!

You would think that would be what a responsible gun owner would do. I see many people who buy a gun take it home and use it or attempt to use it without any proper training. Many do not even read the owner’s manual. They just have friends or family show them what they need to know. Guns are specialized tools and can be very dangerous in the hands of an untrained person.

This is a very dangerous way to proceed. In training classes that I have every week I see people who think they know what they are doing and they actually do not or are using old dangerous techniques that we no longer teach. Most gun accidents happen in administrative handling in other words not shooting. Loading, Unloading, Holstering, Unholstering, and even Cleaning a gun. Anything you do with a gun besides shooting it is considered administrative gun handling.

Buy a Gun Get Some Training

The internet does not help much because people watch idiots on Youtube (The University of Google) and they think these people are experts. The internet is full of experts you just don’t know which one is and which one isn’t. It took me many years of training to ferret out the guys to follow and the guys not to. The list is something I’m working on so my students know who they can trust for good information.

I recently watched a video that was on youtube and some of the information was correct and good until the guy started handling his pistol and then it was obvious he should not be showing anyone how it is done.

Buy a Poisonous Snake and Play with It

You need to look at it like this. Would you go to the reptile store and buy a poisonous snake. Take that snake home in a box and when you got home open it up and play with it? Sure you wouldn’t. But people do that exact same thing with a gun. A gun is no different than a poisonous snake. There is a right and a wrong way to handle it.

A gun no matter what kind is a dangerous tool especially in the hands of someone who is not using proper handling methods to manipulate it.

Learn the basics from someone who has spent a lifetime figuring it out.

Contact me for class at any level. I will be glad to help.

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