Gun Safety and Concealed Carry Permits

Gun safety and Concealed Carry Permits

Gun Safety and Concealed Carry Permits

Gun Safety and Concealed Carry Permits in Colorado go hand in hand let me explain.

First, Colorado requires you to take a gun safety class to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun. I would suggest a handgun safety class because handguns are a different breed than any other gun. Just because you took a hunter safety course it’s not the same thing not even close.

Gun Law or Self Defense Law

I would also take a course that integrates Colorado Gun Law and Self Defense Law into the class. Many of the mistakes I see people make have to do with using the handgun when it is not appropriate or legal. Self-defense law is different than state gun laws. Self-defense law has to do with when it is proper to use your gun for self-defense. Colorado gun law on the other hand has to do with state laws and what you can and can not do with your firearm under Colorado law (like having a loaded gun in your car).

Learn to Shoot

It’s also helpful to get some instruction about new shooting techniques. I see many people teaching their wives and family members old outdated information and techniques. You will never shoot well and handle the recoil of modern guns with these old techniques.

Some Sheriffs in Colorado have taken the hunter safety course in the past and allowed that to satisfy the requirement. Thankfully most Sheriffs saw the light and are now not taking these courses mostly because it has nothing to do with a handgun. In Colorado, online classes are also forbidden since the law was passed in 2013 to eliminate online training.

The other thing I see is military people who think they know handguns when all they were really taught was a rifle. Sure you shot handguns (some of you) but you really did not learn anything about them.

Almost all the people I see during the year when asked to clear their gun and show the gun is safe and empty don’t know how to do it properly.

Administrative Gun Handling

Let’s face it Gun safety and concealed carry permits go hand in hand. You will be handling this firearm multiple times a day. Most accidents by far happen in what the industry calls administrative gun handling.

Administrative gun handling is anything you do with the gun besides shoot it. Loading and Unloading, Holstering and Unholstering, Cleaning your firearm.

When gun safety is properly learned and practiced you have a standard way that you handle every handgun you touch. The recent accidents we have seen in the movie industry could have been avoided with some proper gun safety habits.

Get the education that will keep you from being one of these statistics.

Sign Up today for Level 1 training and get what you need to be safe.

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