Dec 082012

colored circle gun training target

Don’t Put Off That Gun Training

You may have thought about getting some gun training this year because you feel that you need to have some education in the do’s and don’ts of concealed carry. Maybe you thought about getting some gun training about firearm safety because you feel uneasy about your gun and your ability to handle it safely. Sometimes what you need is just to take a local advanced gun training skills class and  get some new gun training ideas so that you have some new ideas about how to train.

Gun Training Can Be Serious Fun

Changing the way you train with new gun training ideas is one way you keep interested in your training routine. Be creative, take someone with you so you can have a training partner. One easy routine you and your partner can do is the “colored circle target”. Any version of this target works.  Load 5 rounds, start at the ready position, and have your partner call out the colors in random order. One shot at each color or letter. You can mix it up any way you want. You can also use different shapes i.e. (triangle,box,circle,numbers) and different size circles. Try running a shot timer.  Remember to keep your target low enough so that you are not shooting at the ceiling ( your RANGE SAFETY OFFICER will appreciate that). You can have a lot of serious gun training fun with these ideas.

Sep 162012

Gun Control SkillsAiming your handgun is one of the gun control skills you must acquire to be able to hit the target and of course protect yourself in a self protection encounter. Aiming your handgun is a basic part of gun control skills and its use,  also a very important safety aspect of handling a firearm i.e.,muzzle direction. The sights are located on top of the barrel of your handgun. The front sight needs to be level with the top of the rear sight. Many types of sights are available on firearms today but the all serve the same purpose, to align the barrel of your firearm with your target so you can hit what you are aiming at. No matter which variety of sights your firearm has, the key skill is to keep your eyes focused on the front sight while aligned with the rear sight. The target should be slightly blurred and you should be focused on your front sight.

Gun Control Skills-Trigger Control

No one, not even the very best shots can hold a gun perfectly still. Trigger control and sight alignment go hand in hand and are the shooters best gun control skills. Most misplaced shots are due to poor trigger control. Learn to take the slack out of your trigger and then press the trigger in a smooth action to break the shot. You will have more enjoyment from your shooting time when you are hitting the target.

Gun Control Skills

Remember the FBI report that says shot placement is more important when selecting a gun than caliber size.

Gun control skills will make you a better shot and give you greater self  protection.

Aug 282011

Women on Target Shooting Event

Women on Target Shooting Event

When :  Saturday, September 10, 8:30am – 6:00pm
Where: Cactus Flats Shooting Range
Directions: Women on Target Shooting Event calendar Sept 10th

The NRA Foundation and Women on Target™ Presents A Women Only Firearm Shooting Instructional Clinic
Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011 — 8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
At Cactus Flats Shooting Range 4612 County Rd. 123, Penrose, CO From Pueblo go west on US 50, turn North (right) on Phantom Canyon Rd., go 1 ½ miles, turn right,
and drive ½ mile and turn right and go in under the iron gate of Cactus Flats Range, go to Range office.

Haven’t shot before?? There’s no time like the present … Learn from experienced instructors in a safe, non-competitive atmosphere. Women of all ages are invited to participate, regardless of skill level or experience. We will cover Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, and Archery. Please come join us for some learning, fun and meet some new friends!

At the

Women on Target  Shooting Event

You will learn:

  •   Safe Gun Handling Skills
  •   Ammunition Basics
  •   Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  •   Proper Gun Storage

A variety of each type of firearm will be available for your use at the shooting event. Ammunition, targets, and ear and eye protection will be provided.
Lunch and beverages will also be provided. Please dress for the weather and active participation!
Class size at the shooting event is limited to 50.
A Fee of $60 is required by September 2 to confirm your reservation.
For more info: Linda Hill @ 719-547-1934 or 719-568-2491
Chris Lytle @ 719-647-1908 or 719-338-3930
Leonard Jimenez @ 719-561-3224.
Mail your application with $60 fee to: Linda Hill, P.O. Box 7200, Pueblo West, CO 81007

I will be participating in this shooting event again this time by helping with the Shotgun Instruction and Safety. Hope to see all of you there, it was a lot of fun at the last Women on Target shooting event.


Jan 202011

One of the obligations we all have as concealed carry permit holders is to learn as much about the laws of our state that we can so that we are responsible gun owners. Remember it is your obligation to be informed. Pueblo Municipal Shooters, Inc sponsors a law and legal class for those who already have their CCW permit ,or those who are considering it. This training class is held about once a quarter and  is a great place to get some great information about concealed carry and just good rules to follow for responsible gun owners. The Instructor for the class is Patrick Watts a retired law enforcement officer of many years. Usually held on Sunday afternoons, the class has a nominal fee of $15 which makes it a bargain seminar and all the proceeds go to the range. Class is Scheduled for February 27th. See my Training Calendar for more details. I highly recommend this class to everyone.

Jan 232011

One of the important rules of safety in Gun Training for self defense or in just target shooting is to be sure of your target and what is beyond. You are responsible for the bullet from the time it leaves the gun until it comes to its final resting point. When plinking or target shooting a backstop is needed so that your bullet will not go beyond its intended destination, like at the indoor range, or outdoors where their is a large hill or mound of dirt called a berm. Most times when target shooting people use FMJ Full metal jacket ammo or ball ammo. This ammo has a lot of penetration great for target practice but maybe not so good for personal protection. The new personal protection rounds that are on the market now are for that personal protection scenario where what is beyond your target may be another person or a crowd of people. It could even be a wall to another room where children or family are sleeping. These bullets are designed not to over penetrate their destination by breaking up or distorting and loosing their energy after they hit the intended target.  Here is a video showing these type of rounds in use

I recommend that you use standard personal protection ammo that police officers most often use. Federal Hydra Shok, Speer Gold Dot, or Federal HST

Talk to the experts at the gun shops about all these types of rounds. While they are more expensive than regular target ammo, these rounds definitely have there place in your arsenal for self protection.

Jan 212011

Everyone may not want to carry a firearm concealed , many of my students wish to keep and use a gun safely in their home and automobile for self protection. This means being comfortable with the laws and operation of the firearm so that it can be stored and retrieved safely. Some just need more practice time with their firearm. Public nights at the Pueblo Municipal Shooters range is a great way to get in that practice time, or better yet just become a member. Every gun owner should be comfortable with the controls and safety of their particular firearm and the best way for that to happen is by practice. Several sessions at the range will get you right up to speed and don’t forget shooting can be great family fun too. See you at the range.