Concealed Carry Holster for Daily Carry

Concealed Carry HolsterSoft Holsters Are Not Safe

Don’t be attracted to these soft holsters for daily carry, it is not safe. If the concealed carry holster collapses you can not put your firearm safely in the holster without pointing the firearm at your support hand or other parts of your body. To do it safely You Must remove the holster from your carry position, insert your gun in the concealed carry holster and then replace the holster with a gun in the position you are carrying it in.

Criteria For A Great Holster

Criteria for a great concealed carry holster is you can get a full grip on the gun, the trigger guard is fully protected, the gun will not fall out of the holster when turned upside down, and the concealed carry holster maintains its shape for reholstering safely.

Don’t Use Your Support Hand

Remember if you have to use your support hand to holster your gun it’s probably not safe. Stiff leather holsters and the Kydex holsters are safer for a daily concealed carry holster option. Have I ever used one? Consequently, I have and I have found them to be unsafe in many circumstances especially if you drop your guard and you are not a true gun safety conscience individual. One place I think they are great is in the car. You know between the seat and the center console. If you have one of the non-slip models you can put that gun right there where it is readily available for action. Above all remember that you can not leave that gun between the seat and the console when you leave your car.

You need to have a proper lockbox in your vehicle to secure that firearm. My favorite is the Gun Vault. This little safe is great protection for leaving your gun in the car. I use my GUN Vault  Gun Vaultsometimes daily, going to the Post Office or other Non Permissive places with my firearm. Check the local paper daily and you will see guns being taken from unoccupied cars. In addition, it is important is to have the make, model, and serial number of your gun written down somewhere so that you can report it properly to the authorities when it is missing.

Much of this information comes from experience and good gun training. Be sure that you receive good advice and training from a qualified instructor.

All NRA pistol instructors are not certified to teach draw from the holster. Many do not know the ins and outs of safe holstering and unholstering a gun. Some ranges have strict holstering rules and those rules are there for a reason. A large number of accidents happen from the improper holstering and unholstering of a weapon. Get the training you deserve. Contact me and I will get you up to speed on holsters, carry positions, and proper draw techniques.

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