Sep 172019

Snub Nose Revolver Only Class

I have decided since there is a resurgence in revolver popularity I would put a 4-hour course together for anyone wishing to get up to speed with carrying and shooting snub nose revolvers for self-defense. The class is going to be lecture and live fire with live fire encompassing a major portion at the range. You will shoot the Retired LA PD Officer Qualification at the end of class. This class will have a minimum number of attendees. Gun, Holster and 100 rounds of factory ammunition will be required.

The small-framed, short-barreled revolver is regaining favor as a viable defensive firearm that is ideal for certain situations. Such situations might include lounging around the house, doing yard work, performing a quick errand in an area where crime is not common. Another situation that arises is dressing in hot weather, or for situations where concealing a larger handgun and magazine pouches might prove challenging. Like Weddings and Funerals. Remember the rule of 3’s according to the FBI-most self-defense shootings happen within 3 yards are over in 3 seconds with less than 3 rounds being fired.

To make a Snub Nose Revolver work it requires an investment in education, training, and practice. With this class, you will receive a training outline and know how to practice to make you a great snub nose revolver handler.

Let me know if you are interested. I will be picking a Saturday late in October. Pricing will be similar to my other offerings.

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