Concealed Carry Laws and Criminal Code of Colorado

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Great class today at Pueblo Municipal Shooters. If you have never experienced a class put on by Patrick Watts you are missing a treat. His criminal code and concealed carry laws of Colorado class is one you will want to attend. Patrick is a retired Deputy Sheriff from Arizona and as such has trained close to 5000 people in his 32 year law enforcement stint in Arizona. He is an NRA Certified Police Firearm Instructor, a Arizona Post Certified Police Firearms Instructor, a Arizona Department of Public Safety Certified CCW Instructor,and a Bondurant Certified High Speed /Pursuit Driving Instructor just to name a few. The class is raw and real. Some of the stories he tells and the verbage used are just to good to be true. You definitely will come away with some information that you need to know.

One of the things I preach to my students is that every individual that carries a concealed handgun needs to know the rules. It is each individuals responsibility to be sure what they are doing is within the law and with that knowledge be more articulate about these issues and be better able to explain ones actions should that time ever come.

Pueblo Municipal Shooters holds this class about once every 3 months. I will keep you posted on my training schedule when it is coming up again. At $15 its a steal and a lot of information for the buck.

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