Concealed Carry With An Empty Chamber

Concealed Carry With An Empty Chamber comes up in my concealed carry training classes and has recently been discussed in one or more of my weekly classes. Most Firearms Instructors in the industry believe that a person who can not be comfortable carrying a firearm fully loaded in condition 1 is probably at risk of hurting himself or herself or someone else. In many close-quarters combat situations, there is no time to rack a firearm to put a round into the chamber. We are seeing many urban confrontations where a knife is being used and there is no time for this, especially when your support hand is being used to defend yourself and you barely have time to draw your handgun and engage the target (what you have been trained to do remember the Tueller Drill). Comfort in carrying a loaded firearm comes from being proficient with that gun and knowing that when holstered properly a gun can not launch a round by itself. Firing the handgun only happens when someone activates the bang switch. I have heard several say they do not trust themselves to keep their bugger hook away from the bang switch. NCC Nervous Chamber Checker is the person who is not confident in carrying a gun with a round in the chamber. He or she is in a movie theatre or a coffee shop and thinks I better check my chamber and see if it’s loaded. Sometimes in the process, they can’t keep their finger off the trigger and bang, you know the rest. Try more training, many repetitions can make bad habits go away.

Personal Defense: Firearms Training Tips – Rob Pincus discusses why it is important to carry your firearm responsibly, with the trigger area covered by a quality holster and a round chambered, prepared for defensive use.

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