Goldie Glock and the Three Handguns

The Story of

Goldie Glock and the Three Handguns

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Goldie Glock. She went to the gun store to pick out a gun for self-defense. Pretty soon she came upon the gun counter. She asked the clerk which gun would be right for her.

The clerk behind the counter answered by handing her a full-size police-duty gun.

“This gun is too big!” she exclaimed. “I could probably shoot this one, but could I conceal it”? “Don’t you have something smaller that would work”?

So she asked to see another gun. This time the clerk handed her a small micro pocket gun.

“This gun is too small,” she said. “I can’t even imagine how this gun would help me in a serious self-defense situation”.  “Does this gun shoot real ammunition?” she asked? “I can’t work the controls!”

So she asked to see another gun.

“Ahhh”, the clerk said and handed her a compact gun that seemed just right. She said to the clerk, This gun is just right, it fits my hands”. “I can work the controls, and I should be able to conceal it well”. “I wonder how it shoots?”

After she looked at the guns, she thought maybe she should shoot some similar guns.  So she went to the range with her friends and asked if she could shoot their guns.

She picked a big one from her friend’s case.

“This gun is too big!” she exclaimed. “It shoots nice, doesn’t have much recoil, but it would be hard to carry concealed. But it might make a good home defense pistol because I wouldn’t have to carry it all day”.

Then she asked if she could shoot the little gun she saw in her friend’s range bag.

“This gun is way to small!” she whined. “I can’t hit the target and the controls are not easy to operate. The sights are bad. It sure has a lot of recoil for a small gun with a small caliber. Is this gun big enough to defend against a criminal”, she asked? “It would sure be easy to carry and hide every day”.

So she tried the last and only gun left. A compact size handgun that was a single stack model and it seemed to fit her hand perfectly. She was able to hit the target, work the controls, and it looked like it could be concealed fairly easily.

“Ahhh, this gun is just right,” she sighed. But just as she said that she wondered what about the caliber of the gun. Does that matter?

Goldie Glock and the Three Handguns

Goldie Glocks and her three friends started to discuss caliber and ammunition size, but it made Goldie Glock real tired so she laid down in the bed of the truck and fell asleep.

She started to dream about her decision to buy a gun.

“Some people think a .22 cal is too small”.

“Some people think a .45 ACP is too big”.

But she remembered something her instructor said in her recent gun training class. “You should shoot the biggest caliber you can control and put shots on target with”.

The .22 caliber was fun to shoot, but she wanted to be able to stop someone that was going to do her harm and this caliber is pretty small.

The .40 S&W seemed to have an awful lot of recoil and was expensive to shoot so she wouldn’t be able to practice as much as she needed to.

Maybe the 9mm would be good. That’s what the FBI and the Army use, the price of this ammo seems to be good, and it has some power to stop a criminal. You know, I was told that this country makes more 9mm than any other round so it will be plentiful in hard times and hopefully reasonably priced.

Just then Goldie Glock woke up. She saw her three friends and she screamed, “I’ve got it!” She jumped up out of the bed of the truck and asked her friends to drive her to her favorite gun store  Goldie Glock picked a nice 9mm single stack compact pistol that she had looked at. She could work the controls and it seemed like she would be able to conceal it well. She did the paperwork for the background check and got to take her gun home. Her Instructor told her she made a good choice, and he would teach her how to shoot it properly, and then she could practice as much as she wanted.

Goldie Glock was happy. She learned to operate and shoot her gun properly and carried her gun everywhere she could. Goldie Glock and her new handgun lived safely ever after.


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