Great Concealed Carry Class Pueblo Colorado

Concealed Carry
No Weapons Allowed

Concealed Carry Class

Saturday we had a great Concealed Carry Class and everybody really came away with some great tips and safety training for Concealed Carry . As a Concealed Carry Instructor I feel that the more understanding people have about safety and our states gun rules the more responsible the gun owners can be about Concealed Carry of their guns.

Concealed Carry Safety is Your Responsibility

Storage of Firearms and ammunition around households with children is a very big responsibility. The  Safety of your family is a priority.  Be sure to use all the safety measures necessary to keep your family safe and if you have any questions about it be sure to ask. The  NRA Parents Safety Guide is a great resource and gives some great tips about safety and training with children.

Be sure as a responsible Concealed Carry gun owner

that you know where you can carry your gun follow the rules and Watch for the Signs.



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