Gun Cleaning Something To Consider When Buying A Gun

Gun Cleaning Something to consider when buying a gun

Gun CleaningThe month of March has been great fun (and it’s not over) with my free gun cleaning class on Wednesday nights, but I have realized that there are a lot of people who can’t field strip their firearm and clean it properly.

One criterion for a good self- defense firearm is the ease of cleaning. Obviously many people do not ask or don’t care because they have someone else clean it. I have found that if you need special tools (like the one that comes in the box with the gun) you are less likely to clean your gun on a regular basis. Many of the well-made guns field strip very easily and can be a dream to clean.

Ask the Dealer

You can ask the dealer when you are looking at the gun if it’s not obvious to the dealer how to field strip it how are you supposed to figure it out. I like to watch someone take it apart on Youtube. Usually, that will show you the secret code or handshake you need so that you can get it apart to clean and maintain. Then it just goes back together the opposite way RIGHT!!.

Don’t Overdue It

Remember not to over lubricate. Sometimes in my class or at the range, I will see a puddle of oil under a gun. I even saw a guy at the range oiling his gun between rounds of firing. Guns do not need a lot of lubrication just a little in the right places will keep your gun running smoothly for a lifetime.

Learning to clean your gun and do it properly can be a satisfying experience. Once you learn how you will see that it is an easy thing to do. Many people that have no one to help them learn how to have enjoyed coming to these classes.

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