Gun Training-Revolvers Pros and Cons

Gun TrainingThe double-action revolver is often recommended to new shooters because of its simple operation. Once the cylinder is loaded it is a simple operation to fire the gun by simply pulling the trigger. The cylinder rotates, the hammer cocks and releases hitting the firing pin, and thus fires each round until the gun is empty, usually either 5 or 6 rounds. Double action means the trigger performs two functions, both cocking the hammer and releasing the hammer to strike the firing pin. In a  single-action revolver on the other hand the trigger performs only a single function, releasing the hammer to fire after it has been cocked. The main drawback for revolvers as a self-defense gun is the limited ammunition capacity. The revolver is also slow to reload. The one way to overcome the shortcomings of a revolver is to become very proficient with the firing and reloading of your gun. Accurate shot placement when necessary can make the revolver a very nice self-protection gun for many people. Practicing is very important with any gun you are going to use for protection. See if you can name all the revolver parts.

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