Handgun Fundamentals Course

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This 3-hour course will cover Handgun Fundamentals. Many of you have had very little time handling a firearm or none at all. This course will get you up to speed. We will teach you the proper techniques you need to become a proficient and safe gun handler. In a controlled classroom environment, we will cover everything from choosing the correct firearm to becoming a safe gun handler. After the classroom learning, there will be live-fire exercises with the main focus being safety. We will usually hold the live-fire on a different day. This gives you time to practice what you have learned so that going to the range will be an enjoyable event. Handgun Fundamentals will be a great foundation for you to establish the skills necessary for you to become a confident and safe gun handler.

Classroom Topics Include:

Firearm Safety-4 Basic Rules
General gun laws for Colorado
Learning about handgun types (Pistols and Revolvers)
Choosing the right firearm for your needs
Gun handling and operation
Ammunition basics and characteristics
Home Safety (locking and storing guns and ammo)
Gun Cleaning Basics

Live Fire Range Topics:

Fundamentals of shooting and marksmanship
Proper stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger control
Controlling recoil
Putting shots on target

Handgun Fundamentals

We will cover handgun fundamentals to get you enjoying the sport of shooting your handgun safely. Whether it is target shooting or learning to defend yourself and your family, we will give you the knowledge you need to help you get comfortable with handling your handgun.

Handgun Safety

Handgun safety will be learned and practiced at all times throughout the course. You will be guided by experienced instructors with years of handgun education to ensure that you learn the proper way to handle your handgun.

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These classes can be attended on many days and times so that they fit into your busy schedule.

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