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Learn To Shoot Handguns

Many people come to me and they say the need to Learn to Shoot, and most of them say it the same way over and over. I have heard this  sentence hundreds of times.

I took a concealed handgun class but they didn’t teach me how to shoot or how to carry my gun“.

This is a common concern among concealed handgun permit carriers, and many people that take that quick class at the Hotel or the Gun Show know exactly what I’m talking about.

The Concealed Carry Industry estimates that only a few people out of each hundred ever go on to do any proper training after their initial concealed handgun class.

Lessons are Available

You can take some simple lessons from me that will get you up to speed. Going to the range and shooting at a target without purpose is target shooting. It is not training!

Learn to Shoot Handguns for self defense purposes is a process that you must be taught. Proper holsters, proper methods of carry and draw from the holster is important.

Being safe in all aspect of carry is a concern when you are learning to Shoot Handguns.

I have a lot of experience to share with those that need to Learn to Shoot Handguns properly. Learn Proper Handgun Shooting  so that you can be confident in your concealed carry safety and expertise. Shoot with Have Gun Will Train Colorado.

Have Gun Will Train Colorado has been in business in Southern Colorado for 13 years. We have trained thousands of students during that time. Flexible class schedules make training with us easier than most. We can usually work it into your busy schedule. Weekday, Nights, and Weekend training is available by appointment.

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Learn To Shoot


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