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Learn to shoot in a safe learning environment is an important part of the equation. Safety is always paramount.

There are (6) Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting and they are all equally important. The goal should always be to shoot and hit the intended target or to stop a threat. So let’s examine them one at a time.

1. Stance
2. Grip
3. Sight Alignment
4. Sight Picture
5. Trigger Control
6. Follow Through

1. Stance-The Stance is the base for the shooting platform.
2. Grip-A proper grip aids in controlling recoil and muzzle flip
3. Sight Alignment-Sight alignment is the relationship between the shooter’s eye, the rear sight aperture, and the
front sight.
4. Sight Picture-Sight picture is the placement of the sights on the target while maintaining proper sight
5. Trigger Control-Trigger Control in either double-action or single-action, is defined as steady pressure
exerted on the trigger straight to the rear to release the hammer or sticker and fire the weapon.
6. Follow Through-Follow Through prevents any unnecessary movement before the bullet exits the barrel.

Learn To Shoot the Correct Way-

Learn to ShootIf you want to learn to shoot a pistol or a revolver you have come to the right place. Rick Sindeband, a Certified Instructor has been teaching people how to shoot for many years. He can teach you all the little things that make a difference. He personally shoots both pistols and revolvers and can teach you techniques that are not used by many instructors. Additionally, he has authored the article Shoot Your Pistol Better In 30 Days for your review. Rick will work with you at the range to get all the fundamentals correct so that your shooting will be accurate and natural.

Learn to shoot in a great, safe, indoor environment. We’ll have you on the target where you want to be in no time. Advanced classes are available as you progress. Need to buy a gun? Don’t worry you can try some guns and learn what is best for you. Learn to shoot with a Distinguished Expert in the NRA’s  Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. It is possible to progress as slow or as fast as you wish. You can also learn to practice at home without using expensive ammunition.

Many people like to take the Handgun Fundamentals class because it covers the topics that most people are looking for.
Handgun Safety- You will be taught the handgun safety rules that applies to all gun handling. You will understand how to put these rule into use when you handle your firearm.
Administrative Handling- Loading and unloading your firearm safely is a skill that is important to learn. You will learn the proper way to handle firearms when not shooting.
Parts and Pieces- You will learn the terminology of the guns and ammunition, and the parts of your gun.
Colorado Gun Laws- Some of the laws are important to know as a gun handler. We will cover the ones you should know.
Learn To Shoot- We will go to the range and get you comfortable with your firearm. If it takes more than one session we can arrange to do that also.
Buying a Gun. We will help you pick the proper gun if you need help with this.
We also have gun cleaning classes at no charge for our students several times during the year.

Many people tell me that they:

  • Search online directories and review sites for listings of firearms instructors, shooting ranges, or gun clubs/associations in the Pueblo area that may offer training courses.

Have Gun Will Train Colorado and Rick Sindeband will be listed for these searches

  • Contact your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office, as some law enforcement agencies provide information on reputable firearm safety/training resources.

The Pueblo County Sheriffs office refers us all the time. Both the employees that work for them and the people who call for information have used our services

  • Check with sporting goods or outdoor retailers that specialize in hunting/shooting supplies, as they sometimes partner with local instructors.

Several sporting goods stores recommend our services and have for many years

  • Ask friends or acquaintances who are responsible firearm owners if they have taken courses locally that they would suggest.

Many times they will tell you Have Gun Will Train Colorado. We are the oldest school in the area and have thousands of students. many people came to these classes to Learn to Shoot

The key is finding an instructor and course that emphasizes safe firearm handling, storage and legal guidance in addition to practical training. With some localized research, you should be able to identify potential options in your area to evaluate further. Remember we handle real guns in class. Any class that does not have this training is not what you need.

Let me know if I can help

You can also learn to operate a shotgun for home defense! These classes are typically held outdoors in the warmer part of the year.

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