Open Carry in Colorado A Look at the Facts

Open Carry

Open Carry in Colorado is legal. Some areas of the state have chosen to make city ordinances against it and we just have to deal with that. Here are the arguments I hear all the time in class about the open carry issue.

1. It’s the only way I have to carry a handgun until I get a permit.

Well, I think this statement takes all the marbles. You are doing far more harm than good. When was the last time you were attacked at Walmart or King Soopers or even Safeway? These are certainly my most dangerous activities of the day. Seriously the likelihood of you being attacked at your local shopping venue is slim and none. When you carry a handgun openly in these places you are inviting crime. Many non-gun people are sacred by your gnarly-looking gun with punisher grips.

What if someone is so freaked out that they call the police and say a man with a gun is in the store? Its happened! The other great thing that can take place is one of these nervous nellies can shoot you claiming you were a threat. That has happened. Both by civilians and the police. How about the criminal who is going gun shopping in Safeway? You know looking for some idiot who has a gun that looks like he is an easy target. That has also happened. Get the picture! The danger and damage you do to the gun owner’s plight are far worse than any danger you have in the store.

2. I have a Second Amendment right to have a carry in colorado

Yes, you do, and I believe it more than most of you do. The constitution does not give you a specific right to carry an open handgun in the store. In this country, we have a lot of rights that sometimes are not appropriate for certain situations. You have the right to burn the American Flag. I don’t agree with it and I cringe every time I see it happen. It almost cost me my freedom one time at a local event. I was glad it did not happen.

You have a right to free speech. Are there places where you probably should not say certain things? Why is it you lower your voice to say that protected speech when you are in the donut shop? Is it not legal for you to speak those words? Yes, they are (legally) allowed but is it a good idea? You lower your voice because saying it out loud is not appropriate. Don’t you just hate that! This is what we are trying to get across to you is that it may be legal but it is probably not a good idea!

Carry your gun open to the shooting range. Carry your gun while hiking or walking your dog.  Open carry your gun while you are enjoying any outdoor activity. Hell show off your new barbeque gun to your friends in the backyard. But please have a little common sense not to do it in public places. The powers that be are just waiting for you to screw up so they can pounce. Don’t be the poster boy or girl for their next piece of legislation.

Stay safe and train like you’ll need those skills tomorrow. Cause you probably will…

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