Stolen Gun Pueblo Colorado makes me sad

Stolen Gun

Stolen Gun Pueblo Colorado

This week I had my 22 cal pistol stolen from my truck. It was a 22cal Smith and Wesson 22A semi-auto and it was my practice gun, and gun I trained my students on when I needed a small caliber gun to do so. I hope the guy or gal who got the Stolen Gun Pueblo Colorado from me  enjoys it as much as I did.  When I went to the store Saturday to buy some bird seed I noticed that they had a Ruger MK III on sale so I thought well maybe I will try this on for size since I needed to replace my regular practice gun. I have a good friend who has one and she thinks its the greatest thing since Budweiser Beer. So I ran to the range the second I got it and voila its a great gun to shoot and feels very comfortable in my hand.  Out of the box I hit the target right where I wanted and remarkably I didn’t hit the hostage (private joke) I’ll tell that story another day.

Locating my Stolen Gun Pueblo Colorado

But here’s the important part of my story, I didn’t have the serial number of the pistol for the police, and I know I preach all the time about storing your guns safely so that it can not be acquired by anyone unintended to do so. Do as I say not as I do……..

REWARD for Stolen Gun Pueblo Colorado

Had I recorded the serial number we may have been able to catch these fine upstanding citizens when they  go to pawn it or sell it somewhere. I will give a reward for the recovery of this gun. I doubt that any of the people bright enough to shop in the middle of the night at my truck will be reading this.

This  Stolen Gun Pueblo Colorado was nothing special, it was just a gun that a good friend traded to me sometime back and now it is gone. I shot thousands of rounds thru it and I hope it was wore out.

Record the descriptions and serial numbers of all your guns so that if this ever happens you might be able to help take these great late night shoppers off the streets. Just for the record I like my new Ruger better..

Store guns so that they are inaccessible to children and other unauthorized users.  If you think you know of any Stolen Gun Pueblo Colorado report it to the proper authorities.

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