Sep 152017

Concealed Carry Restrictions

The License is for Concealed Carry

Restricted Concealed Carry -There are some confusing signs in the Pueblo area that restrict your right to carry a concealed weapon. Some of the signs are on public or county properties and they are very visible. The first one that we have all seen says The Open Carrying of Firearms Or Deadly Weapons Within This Building Is Prohibited” .  This sign is straightforward. You can not carry a gun that is exposed (open carry) as the cowboys did in the old days in this building. Concealed Carry is fine but it has to be concealed. The Confusing part of this sign is when it shows up somewhere that you can’t carry at all. Look at the 10th judicial court building where they have metal detectors and sheriff officers guarding the entrance.

CCW is allowed not open carryConcealed Carry Sign Pueblo West Library

The next one is a little tricky and people have told me that is says something different than it actually does. “Bringing in concealed weapons that are not legally licensed and permitted, or openly displaying a weapon except by law enforcement officials is prohibited”  this sign has two parts separated by a comma. The first part says you can’t bring a concealed weapon in unless it is licensed or permitted. The second part says no open carry except by law enforcement. These type of  Concealed Carry restrictions or notices are common. The problem ensues when a person doesn’t read the entire sign and really dissect what the meaning or intent is from the sign.

Remember it is your responsibility as a licensed concealed carry individual to know and understand all the restricted areas that you encounter in your normal travels around town. Restrictions apply but are not limited to, the Jail, Post Office, Court, Schools, Airports, Public Transportation(Bus), Colorado State Fair Grounds. Of course, any place that has a metal detector or a sign posted with some restrictions.

Pueblo City Ordinance 11-1-601


The Pueblo City Ordinance  11-1-601 is very clear on the subject. It defines all the things you should not do and then tells you what you can do. This ordinance discusses knife blade lengths and stun guns. When living in the Pueblo area you should read this ordinance so that you are informed.

Restricted Carry Pueblo Colorado

Pueblo City Ord 11-1-601

Bank signs vary from location to location. One of the things that always comes up Bank Sign in Pueblois the fact that no gun signs in Colorado have no force of law. What that means is that Colorado, unlike some other states, has some very weak language in their sign law.  Attorneys report that in these locations all that can happen to you if caught with a firearm is to be asked to leave.  Should you refuse you may be able to be charged with trespassing.  Timothy J. Priebe, Esq. an attorney in Colorado has written a paper called Should I Stay Or Should I Go where he discusses this issue. You should read and understand this document.

Bank Sign TexasThis sign is on one of the local banks in downtown Pueblo, Colorado it is totally bogus. This sign is the Texas Law 30-06 and these laws do not exist in Colorado. This bank just thinks most people will follow whatever sign they post or that gun owners are sheep. (This sign has been removed)


As always none of this is legal advice. Most advocate being informed and follow the law. To follow the law you must understand the difference between coffee table chat and knowledge. My class has new information in it all the time. If you are a concealed carry permit holder and you are up for renewal you would be wise to get some updated information so that you can make good decisions for you and your family.Medical facility sign




This is a great reference book that everyone should have in their library.

Jan 282018

Concealed Carry TrainingNew Training Opportunities for Concealed Carry

I had a lot of people take courses from me this year and many were new gun owners. I will be writing a multiple part series on how to continue with your concealed carry training. Many people ask me whats next and here is my answer.

Claude Werner recently wrote in an article that buying a gun, never firing it, never practicing or training, and hoping for the best is the Lucky Charm training option. Some people go to the range a couple times per year and think they are good to go. You need to get on some type of regular concealed carry training schedule. Go to the range at least once a month and practice one or two skills so that you become a competent gun handler. The Lucky Charm training option is not the best plan for you.

Step number One in your new training regimen-

Develop Basic Familiarity with a Handgun before you go to the range. You waste a lot of valuable training time by not being familiar with your gun. Plus it is very dangerous not to be familiar with your firearm during shooting practice or a self defense encounter. This includes Manual of Arms. Practice loading and unloading your firearm with dummy rounds. I have them available in most calibers. Learn the feel of your gun and the trigger. Most modern handguns can be dry fired safely. Learn to dry fire safely in your home. This develops good gun handling skills like grip and trigger control. I have a document for dry firing that I have available for my students.

safety rules violationGun safety principles are the gospel…..learn the 4 rules of gun safety and do not violate them.

Principles of marksmanship …..Principals of marksmanship include Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Breathing, and Follow Through. I teach these to every student I shoot with.

Cleaning and safe storage. Learn to clean and maintain your gun. I will be having a free gun cleaning clinic soon, Watch for the notice. Keep your guns from prohibited possessors and children.

Use a .22 pistol for training in addition to your regular carry firearm…..One of the techniques I use for improving my shooting skills is practicing a lot more with a .22 caliber pistol.  The .22 is perfect for learning properFederal 22 ammo shooting techniques and target skills.  It has low recoil and is economical to shoot. Trigger control is fairly easy to master because there is little recoil and .22 ammo is widely available and dirt cheap, so it is perfect for learning and practicing.  It’s great for new shooters too.

Concealed Carry Training

These ideas will help you in continuing your skill building for Concealed Carry. I will expand the information in this article to include some training tips and great ideas for you continued Concealed Carry training. Watch for upcoming articles on the subject. If you need any help with these or other training issues remember to fell free to contact me.





May 282016

How Difficult Is Concealed Handgun Class?

Concealed Handgun ClassWhen considering a  Concealed Handgun Class , people often think about how difficult the class will be, and also how long it will take them to get through the concealed handgun class. When it comes to being a trained concealed handgun owner, this is a question that is often asked, and rightly so. The truth is that handgun class isn’t a walk in the park, but it isn’t something that’s incredibly difficult either. Obviously everyone will have a different view on this because some things come more naturally to certain people and everybody has their own gifts and talents. With that said though, Concealed Handgun Class is something that’s generally not viewed as incredibly difficult or something with a high failure rate. People usually do quite well in their handgun class, provided they devote enough time to paying attention and take their education seriously.

Concealed Handgun Class Can Be Fun

Because people generally have time and money invested in these situations, they tend to put in a lot of effort and work hard into the class. There are some barriers to doing well in handgun class, and these are usually the same barriers that exist with any education class. Obviously if you have a learning disability or something else that makes it tough for you to take in and comprehend information, you might have some trouble with your Concealed Handgun Class. It’s important to always remember thought that your instructors are here for you, and that’s what you are paying for,  so if you have any questions at any time, you can’t be shy about asking them. One of the worst things that you can do is sit back and stay quiet when you don’t understand the course material or need more help with something. Most instructors for handgun class make themselves available outside of normal class time too, either by phone or by email or some other means of communication. They often do this so students have every opportunity to talk to them and make sure that they comprehend the material.Keep in mind that you sign up at a particular school, you can ask to talk to them about the program. This helps to ensure your success because you’ll know if they seem like nice, readily accessible people who are willing to help. If you have a bad feeling that the instructors aren’t nice or don’t seem to genuinely care about the students, then you can keep looking for another school because the quality of the instructors is a big factor in your overall success and satisfaction with any Concealed Handgun Class.

Concealed Handgun Class Information

More Information: If you are considering the idea of taking a handgun class, its incredibly important that you find a source of reliable information about the class and the instructor.  Among the best sources are online reviews for the particular class. One of the popular sites covering  a review for handgun training is this video.  For more information, visit their site by going to this website


Jul 202015

I had an interesting weekend in Victor, Colorado and saw some things that I thought I would discuss with the Concealed Carry Permit flock. Some Concealed Carry Holders are choosing to carry pocket guns and while this is personal choice, I am seeing more and more people do it unsafely. One person I recently met pulled the concealed carry firearm out of his pocket with his fingers in front of the muzzle, and when I asked him about it his response was its a long trigger pull it can’t go off!! (See the video I posted on Facebook) I then questioned him about his pocket holster because I am curios about such things and he responded I don’t need a holster it’s this only thing in my pocket. Well he got part of it right. First of all most of you who know me know that Im not a fan of little concealed carry guns. Yea I know the only gun that counts is the one you have with you when you need it. I think with a little training and wardrobe management a person can carry a reasonable size gun in a decent caliber and be comfortable and safe. With that being said a few things we should all remember about pocket carry for concealed carry. Remember if using as a backup gun ,some states do not allow a second gun to be carried.

1) Use a holster

a. Cover the trigger guard, reducing the chance of a negligent discharge

b. Protect the gun against lint and dirt, pocket carry guns need cleaning and maintenance more often

c. Protect the pocket against the gun’s sharp edges and oil

d. Keep the gun positioned correctly in the pocket, an upside down gun is dangerous and unacessable

e. Prevents the gun from falling out of the pocket during vigorous activity

f. Allows a simple and rapid draw, with some provision to keep the holster in the pocket when the gun is drawn

2) NOTHING should go in the pocket that holds the gun except the gun and the holster.

Pocket concealed carry need not be limited to a small, subcaliber handgun in the side or back pocket of slacks. Various pants, jackets and even some shirts provide many possibilities for effective pocket carry of small, medium and large concealed carry handguns.

Pocket carry has several major advantages:


Safety in holstering (take the holster out of the pocket face in a safe direction while holstering the firearm and then replace it in your pocket.

Pre-staging the draw, This is one of the biggest advantages of pocket carry compared to other concealed carry methods.

If trouble may be brewing, the aware concealed carry permit holder may place his or her hand on the gun in a firing grip. A practiced individual should be able to draw and make hits out to seven yards. Be careful where you practice this, it is against the rules at one of our favorite ranges.

In all cases, the handgun in question must be:

Reliable and durable under extreme circumstances, Simple and intuitive to operate, Quick to grip and draw, Well fit to your hand and naturally pointable, Shootable and controllable enough for you to keep multiple rounds on target at cyclic speed (as fast as you can pull the trigger) at close range, with one hand, Powerful enough to consistently penetrate a big guy’s vital organs through commonly worn clothing from all angles with expanding bullets.

Nov 232014

Concealed Carry Small Guns

Concealed Carry Small Guns

Small guns have been a trend for some time – popular for gun shops to sell and people to concealed carry. One of the big advantages of concealed carry small guns is that they are easily concealable, but don’t be fooled as small guns have some drawbacks.

First, concealed carry small guns are hard to operate. Many people have a hard time locking the slide back on their small guns. Remember part of picking a good gun for concealed carry is that you can easily operate the controls. Keeping your hand away from the muzzle is another problem. When you operate the slide either to load or to clear a malfunction, remember not to put any part of your hand over the muzzle or you could possibly be missing a finger or get an extra hole in your hand.

Small Guns May Not be the Best

Many people who think they can not handle or conceal a mid to full-size gun are kidding themselves. Mid-sized guns are easy to learn how to conceal and are much easier to handle and shoot.  Many of these concealed carry small guns are hard to operate safely even by the best gun handlers. The other criteria for making a good choice in picking a handgun is that you can put shots on target when necessary. I don’t know about you, but these little handguns are not easy to shoot. The sight radius is short and many times the sights themselves are non-existent.

The one last thing I will say about small guns is you will be tempted to put it in your pocket or purse naked (no holster). Bad idea!!!! All guns need to have the trigger guard and trigger protected.  It is very unsafe not to do so. Pocket holsters have come a long way and will allow you to carry your hideaway safely and keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire. All in all, little concealed carry small guns are at best hard to operate, hard to accurately shoot, and easy to hide.

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Concealed Carry Training on your schedule….

Oct 122014

Concealed Handgun Training Its hard to find time to do all the things in life that you want to get done. We have a solution to your gun training woes. Many of our students love our weekday and evening hours set aside for people who wish to get the training they need but don’t want to give up that precious weekend. The reason we can offer this gun training is that we have our own classroom and have shooting privileges at the only indoor shooting ranges in Southern Colorado.

Many of our students rave about how easy it was for them to get the concealed handgun training they wanted and how we made the times and dates very accessible. Just tell us what Gun Training you would like to have and what date works for you and your friends and will try to make it happen. We find that people who have no gun handling experience do great in our class. We suggest you take the class before you buy a handgun. Many students who run out and buy a gun for the class are disappointed with their purchase. You will learn in class which gun is right for you

Let us know what works for you
Bring some friends/or not
Pick a date and time
We will work with your schedule
Don’t worry if you don’t have a gun
Gun Safety taught in every class

One of our student’s comments about class:

Both the content and delivery in this course were outstanding. Ricks style and approach to the course was interesting and fact-packed! I would tell anyone in Southern Colorado looking to get this done to contact Rick.

Sam B



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