Top Notch Instructor


I held a Concealed weapons permit from other states for 14 years. Have shot competitively for 13 years and have trained with firearms since I was a child. Thought I had nothing to learn from Rick, but was proven wrong. His class and instructor capabilities are top notch and I learned quite a few things from him ,his class, and at the shooting range. Great class and Great instructor , and a Great shooter. Would definitely recommend his classes to my friends and family members


Excellent Concealed Carry Class


My wife and I recently took a concealed carry training class from Rick. We thought that the class was excellent, well tought and informative. Rick obviously is an expert in the subject matter, and passionate about it. Rick took lots of extra time to answer our questions and work with us on basic firearm skills. My wife was especially impressed with what she had learned. We both had carry permits in the state we just moved from, and wish we had recieved training like this before we began carrying there. Thanks!

Paul M

Patient Instructor Gets High Marks


Rick is patient and thorough, making sure that everyone understands the concepts. The time he took with us on the range was invaluable. Both a life-long gun enthusiast and a total newbie were greatly impressed by Rick’s class and training, and we would recommend this training to anyone interested in learning the key points of handgun safety.


Best CCW Class Ever


This was the best CCW class I’ve attended, and I’ve had several. Rick’s content and his style of teaching the course were absolutely outstanding. I was a police officer in the Dallas PD, and I’ve been licensed to carry for a number of years. Still I learned new techniques and relevant information. In 5 years when I come up for yet another renewal, I’ll call Rick.

Stacy Houser

Interesting and Fun Concealed Carry Class


Both the content and delivery in this course were outstanding. Ricks style and approach to the course was interesting and fact packed! I would tell anyone in Southern Colorado looking to get this done to contact Rick.

Sam Biondolillo

Great Handgun Training Class


Rick’s Handgun Operation & Safety Training class was great! Rick is a great instructor. Not only is he very professional, but he is also very personable and made the class fun. His class was very well organized and the hands on experience that he provided was awesome! Being able to handle the different types of handguns that he had available really helped me. I would definitely recommend this class!!