Accident-Gram Pueblo Man Gets Shot Playing with Gun

Pueblo Man Gets Shot Playing with Gun

Setup- Officers were dispatched to Parkview Hospital on a gunshot victim. They contacted a male whose back and arm had been grazed by a bullet. His story of how it happened, however, just didn’t add up, so officers pressed him on it. He finally admitted that he and a couple of friends were drinking and messing with a gun. One of the friends didn’t realize it was loaded and ended up shooting him. He’s offered to turn the weapon over to officers. The weapon was recovered, and it’s been determined that the shooter is a juvenile. He will be booked into Pueblo Youth Services Center on charges related to the use of the gun and alcohol. One of the individuals is an adult and charges of Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors will go forward on him.

Safety Violations- Obviously these individuals never heard of the four safety rules. Rule #1 #2 and #3 were all violated. Maybe they intended to play with a loaded gun and that is an alcohol-induced mistake.  Accidents happen when people handle guns while impaired. You should never handle guns while impaired. It also sounds like a person with no experience was handling the gun. Guns should not be played with. They are serious business.

Remedy- Before showing a handgun to anyone it should be cleared by a properly trained individual. Then all four rules of safety should be followed during the viewing.

Conclusion- If you’re drinking, don’t get behind the wheel of a car, and don’t put your hands on a gun. The results, in either case, can be tragic! A handgun that is passed around during a party to inexperienced friends is dangerous. At a minimum, this gun should have been checked by a trained individual and then shown to the interested party under supervision.

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